Monday, December 29, 2014

Unsigned Hype: "The Strawweights"

 There are 5 major global promotions that sign women fighters to long term contracts: UFC, Invicta, Bellator, XFL International and Cage Warriors.

What I will do is list fighters who are not signed to any of the 5 major promotions and tell you a little about them. They will be listed in order of highest ranked fighter.

1. Kalindra Faria 15-4-1

Kalindra is a 5'5 28 year old 115 lbs fighter from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She trains with Vale Top Team and Macao Gold Team.

Kalindra holds notable victories over Sanja Sucevic, Laura Balin, Aline Serio (twice), Carina Damm and Aline Sattelmayer. All the fighters mentioned are top ranked fighters in either the 115lbs division or even the 125lbs and 135lbs divisions.

Her notable losses have come against #1 115lbs fighter Jessica Aguilar and before that hard fought 5 round loss she was on an 11-fight winning streak. Other notable losses were against 125lbs Invicta title challenger Vanessa Porto and UFC 115lbs title contender Claudia Gadelha. The one draw on her record came against Invicta 125lbs title contender Jennifer Maia.

Now I know potentially Kalindra might be under contract to two companies, (XFC International) and (World Series Of Fighting) but chances are her XFC contract is non binding and that may be the reason WSOF signed her. If it is non binding then her WSOF contract may have been a one fight deal or as they have done with past Jessica Aguilar opponents, they may just release her from her multi-fight deal.

2. Sarah Schneider 7-6-0

Sarah is a 34 year old 5'3 115lbs fighter from Raytown, Missouri. She trains at American Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Sarah, a true veteran of the sport holds notable wins over Amber Stautzenberger, Sally Krumdiak, Ivana Coleman, Kaitlin Young and Invicta matchmaker Julie Kedzie.

Her only two losses at 115lbs have come against UFC 115 lbs champion Carla Esparza and WMMA legend Megumi Fujii.

3. Emi Fujino 14-8-0

Emi is a 34 year old 5'3 115lbs fighter from Aichi, Japan. She trains at Wajutsu Keishukai Gods.

Emi holds notable wins over Invicta Atom weight contender Amber Brown, Mike Nagano and Celine Haga.

Her most notable losses have come against the best of the best, including; Deep 115lbs Champion Ayaka Hamasaki, #1 ranked 115lbs fighter Jessica Aguilar, Invicta top ranked strawweight fighter Mizuki Inoue and WMMA legend Megumi Fujii.

Now although she signed a contract with WSOF, it is unknown by me, whether or not she signed a multi-fight deal or a one fight deal, but based on WSOF handling of other opponents they have brought in to face their champion Jessica Aguilar I would conclude she is available to be signed,  much like was the case with Alida Gray.

4. Alyona Rassohyna 10-4-0

Alyona is a 5'2 24 year old 115lbs fighter from Oplot, Ukraine. She trains with Sapsan MMA Fight Club.

Alyona has yet to have any of her wins come against fighters with winning records, although she has lost to top ranked fighters such as top ranked UFC 115lbs fighter Seo Hee Ham and Invicta 115lbs champion Katja Kankaanpaa.

5. Karla Benitez 10-7-0

Karla is a 5'6 35 year old 115lbs fighter from San Fernando De Apuro Venezuela. She trains at Meguro Gym.

She holds notable wins against Simona Soukopova and Sanja Sucevic.

Even more impressive then her wins are the fighters Karla has been beaten by, a list that includes the next 115lbs UFC title challenger Joanna Jedrzejczyk, queen of MMA in Ireland UFC fight winner Aisling Daly, UFC fighter Tina Lahdemaki, 7-fight winner, top ranked 125lbs fighter Julia Berezikova, pound for pound #1 ranked female fighter, the WMMA legend Megumi Fujii and Invicta 115lbs champion Katja Kankaanpaa.

6. Jocelyn "Lights Out" Lybarger (4-1-0)

Jocelyn is a 5'4 29 year old 115lbs fighter from Phoenix, Arizona. She trains at The MMA Lab where she is coached by John Crouch.

Jocelyn holds notable wins against Rebecca Ruth and Rosa Acevedo.

Her only loss came against top 125lbs fighter Sarah Alpar.

7. Maiara Amanajas 4-1-0

Maiara is a 27 year old 115lbs fighter from Amapa, Brazil. She trains with Nocaunte Vincente Team.

The only loss on Maiara's career came against highly regarded Invicta fighter Ericka Almeida.

8. Danielle "Dynamite" Taylor 4-0-0

Danielle is a 27 year old 5'2 115lbs fighter from Palmdale, California she trains at The Socal Fight Factory.

Danielle has faced and defeated very stiff competition in her four pro wins, including finishes against Nikki Lowe (armbar) and Jillian Lybarger (TKO). Her other notable win came against the tuff and experienced Maria Andeverde.

9. Marilia "Chocolate" Santos 4-0-0

Marilia is a 22 year old 115lbs fighter from Bahia, Brazil.

She has finished 3 of her four victories (KO, TKO, arm-triangle)
 Her only decision win came against top Brazilian strawweight Aline Sattelmayer. 

10. Tomo Maesawa 4-4-0

Tomo is a 115lbs fighter from Aomori, Japan. She trains at Paraestra Hachinohe. 

Tomo's most recent and most impressive win came against Japanese veteran Yuko Oya.

Her notable losses have come against very good competition in, Cortney Casey, Mina Kurobe and Mika Nagano.

11. Emi Tomimatsu 7-9-0

Emi is a 32 year old 5'1 115lbs fighter from Chiba, Japan. She trains at Paraestra Matsudo.

Emi holds notable wins against Mika Nagano, Yuko Oya and Celine Haga.

Her notable losses have come against Invicta top ranked strawweight Mizuki Inoue (twice) UFC strawweight Kailin Curran and Mei Yamaguchi (twice).