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Leah Melnychuk vs. Hanna Sillen

On November 27th at Rumble of the Kings in Stockholm, Sweden Leah Melnychuk (1-1) will battle Hanna Sillen (2-0-0) in a 125-pound match.

Leah is coming off of a victory in June against Cassie Trost. The only loss on her record came against Michelle Vera.

Hanna is fresh off her victory against Maiju Kujala on the 29th of October and will be fighting on 29 days rest.

ECSC: Evolution 1: Fight Results

Yadira Anzaldua defeated Shimone Brooks by submission (guillotine choke) Rd.1

 Kelly Warren  defeated Karina Hallinan by submission (triangle choke) Rd.1

April "La Princessa Azteca" Coutino defeated Melissa Steele by  TKO (body shots) Rd. 1

Heather Clark defeated Kyan Hampton by submission (armbar) Rd. 1

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sara McMann: Interview

McMann's toughest opponent before—and after—Beijing may be herself.
The thermometer in the big steel tub reads 54°—cold, but not nearly cold enough. It's early January, five months before the U.S. Olympic trials and seven months before Beijing. National team wrestler Sara McMann shivers in her bike shorts and sports bra, barefoot on the antiseptic, white-tile floor of the Limestone College training room in Gaffney, S.C. Her boyfriend, Trent Goodale, a Limestone assistant wrestling coach, pours in another bucket of ice. He leans against the wall to time this session of tough love as McMann lowers the bottom half of her thickly muscled body into the water. The cold takes her breath away, raises goose bumps, drains her already pale skin of color. Like all athletes who ice injuries, McMann knows the sequence of sensations to come: cold, burning, aching, numbness. Later, the numbness will recede, and, as her flesh thaws, the ache in her 27-year-old knees will become even more intense. But that, too, will subside. Then, as always, McMann will be left with only the chronic pain. The pain no ice bath can touch.
McMann wrestles like life comes at you: relentlessly. She stands her ground, takes her lumps, but long ago she made the decision to fight back. And while her story is inspirational, it cannot be wrapped with a made-for-TV bow. No three-minute up-close-and-personal on NBC can provide answers to the questions life has posed, because there aren't any. McMann knows this intuitively, but that doesn't make it easier. As fans, we want sports to provide catharsis. We swallow the triumph-of-the-human- spirit marketing pitch that comes with every Olympic Games because it gives us fuzzy feelings inside—hope for our own lives. Sometimes, though, overcoming odds is just a cliché, and wrestling is just a sport. It doesn't matter how many medals McMann earns. There may be satis-faction in winning gold, but there is no redemption and there is no happy ending. At least not the kind you want for Sara McMann.
McMann, an Olympic silver medalist in 2004, braves the ice for 10 long minutes, huddled in on herself as if bracing for yet another of life's broadsides. And she'll get two in short order. Later in the month, at the World Cup in Taiyuan, China, she will tear her right MCL and pull out of the finals. Thirteen weeks later, at the U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas, she will lose in the finals of the 63kg (138.75-pound) division when Randi Miller's front headlock ties up McMann's shooting hand (her right), preventing her from hitting the quick and crushing shots that have become her trademark. The 24-year-old Miller will earn a bye into the finals of the Olympic trials on June 13.
At those trials, McMann must win three prelims and beat a rested Miller in the final to make the team. It'll be a rough go, even for a six-time national champion. Then again, Sara McMann has become an expert in rough goes.

To read the entire article by ESPN click here

Valkyrie 8: Fight Card Update

Four more fights have been announced for Greatest Common Multiple’s all-female Valkyrie 8 card on November 28th. Valkyrie Flyweight Champion Yasuko Tamada will face Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama in a non-title bout, while promotional veterans will return in other featured fights.

Unbeaten prospect Ayame “Iris” Miura will face Mayumi “Super Benkei” Aoki in a 58kg bout, while Mika “Hari” Harigai welcomes Chisa Yonezawa back to Valkyrie after a one-year absence. In other action, Kimie “Sakura” Okada will look for her first win when she faces Megumi Morioka.

Tamada (12-4-3) has not lost in over four years and is currently riding an impressive 12-fight unbeaten streak. Once a divisional castaway, Tamada’s training alongside Megumi Fujii has developed her into one of the sport’s elite female fighters and she added Valkyrie gold to her résumé with a decision win over Naoko Omuro in June. She will move up in weight to face the unbeaten Sugiyama (2-0-0), who stopped Megumi Morioka with punches on the same June Valkyrie card. Sugiyama will give up a significant amount of experience, but should hold a strength advantage.

To read the entire article by click here

ECSC: Evolution 1: Weigh-in results

Heather Clark weighed in at      123.0-pounds
Kyan Hampton weighed in at    127.0-pounds

April Cutino weighed in at         123.5-pounds
Melissa Steele weighed in at      126.5-pounds

 Karina Hallinan weighed in at 120.0-pounds
Kelly Warren weighed in at 122.0-pounds

Shimone Brooks weighed in at  ‎122.5-pounds
Yadira Anzaldua weighed in at  120.5-pounds

Hanna Sillen defeats Maiju Kujala

At Superior Challenge: 6  

Hanna Sillen (2-0-0) defeated  Maiju Kujala (4-3-0) by Unanimous Decision.

Both of Hanna's wins have come with Superior Challenge in Sweden. 

T.J Cunanan vs. Tori Adams

On November 12th at Annihilation 30 It will be Champion vs. Champion as Tuff-N-Uff 135-pound Champion T.J. Cunanan takes on SCR 135-pound Champion Tori Adams in a non-title fight.
T.J is coming off of a impressive showing in the Tuff-N-Uff 135-pound tournament which she won by defeating Ashley Weakley in the finals. 

Tori Adams is a very good grappler who is (1-0-0) in MMA.

Naho Sugiyama vs. Yasuko Tamada

On November 28th at Valktie 8, Flyweight Champion and #1 Ranked Yasuko "Ikuko" Tamada (12-4-3) will defend her 105-pound belt against #7 Ranked Naho "Sugi Rock" Sugiyama (2-0-0)

Tamada is coming off of a victory against Naoko Omuro in June at Valkyrie 6.

"Sugi Rock" is coming off a June victory over Megumi Morioka, also at Valkyrie 6.

Sarah McLeod vs. Emily Whitmire

On November 6th Mixed Martial Cage Fights presents: "Caged On The Coast 3"
Sarah "TNT" McLeod will battle Emily Whitmire in a 125-pound amateur match.

Zoila Frausto: Post Fight Video

Maiju Kujala vs. Hanna Sillen: Weigh-in Pictures & Results

Maiju weighed in at 132 pounds

Hanna weighed in at 124.5 pounds

It was scheduled to be at 125 pounds but Maiju could not make weight, so it was made a 132 pound catch weight match.

Maiju Kujala vs. Hanna Sillen

On Friday October, 29

Maiju Kujala (4-2-0) will battle Hanna Sillen (1-0-0)

Maiju s coming off of her close loss to Strikeforce 135-pound tournament champion Miesha Tate at Strikeforce Challengers 10 on August 13th.

Hanna's only victory came against Dalia Grakulskyte in May of this year.

Jan Finney vs. Liz Carmouche

On November 19th at Strikeforce Challengers 12 in Mississippi,
Jan "Cuddles" Finney (8-8-0) will battle #20  Liz "Girl-Rilla" Carmouche (4-0-0) in a 135-pound match.

Jan is coming off of her loss to Christiane "Cyborg" Santos in June at 145-pounds. Jan is back to her normal fighting weight of 135-pounds for this fight.

Liz is coming off a victory in C3 against Valentina Shevchenko. Her victory before that one was as an alternate in the Strikeforce 135-pound tournament against Colleen Scnieder.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zoila Frausto defeats Megumi Fujii: Article

With a stunning 18 submission wins in her 22 previous career contests, Japanese superstar and top pound-for-pound fighter Fujii was expected to utilize her superior ground game to nullify the potent striking attack of the "Warrior Princess," Frausto.

She did so for exactly 33 seconds.

For the remaining 24 minutes and 27 seconds of the five-round affair, Fujii appeared all too willing to earn Bellator's first-ever 115-pound female title by taking on Frausto in a kickboxing contest. The curious strategy, coupled with a capable counterattack and ample takedown defense spelled disaster for "Mega Megu."

In the early going, Fujii's odd approach actually seemed to be working in her favor. A powerful left hand sent Frausto tumbling to the canvas, but Fujii declined to follow to the floor where most MMA pundits expected her to earn victory. Frausto recovered well, and though she appeared to be defending throughout the frame and pinned against the cage, she did deliver a stunning high kick and right hand follow-up.

The fight carried on much the same in rounds two and three. Frausto was backing up for the majority of the contest, though her counterattacks found their mark on occasion. Fujii wasn't able to land any homerun shots, but she did appear to at least be controlling the center of the cage.

Fujii finally turned to her grappling game in the fourth round, but it was only a feeble trip attempt that Frausto turned aside with ease. When the round ended, both fighters were battered and bruised, and little had been decided.

The fifth round was again close, but Fujii finally scored the takedown many predicted she would enjoy in the bout's opening minutes. It came with just 33 seconds left in the fight, and Fujii had no time to capitalize on the position. Nevertheless, it was certainly enough to believe she took the round.

It wasn't enough.

When the two fighters were brought to the center of the cage, Frausto was awarded the razor-thin and wildly scored split decision, 48-47, 47-48 and 49-46.

With the win, Frausto (9-1 MMA, 3-0 BFC) claims Bellator's first-ever 115-pound title, defeats the woman widely considered the pound-for-pound best in the sport and improves her record to 6-1 in 2010.

Meanwhile, Fujii tastes defeat for the first time in 23 professional contests.


Zoila Frausto defeats Megumi Fujii

In the women's 115-pound tournament finale, Zoila Frausto upset Megumi Fujii in a close split-decision, capturing the first-ever Bellator women's championship while handing the Japanese ace her first-ever defeat.

Fujii abandoned her usual grappling-heavy game plans and chose to strike with Frausto. On their feet, Fujii landed with more accuracy while Frausto landed the harder strikes, making for difficult rounds to score.

"It's the best feeling in the world," said Frausto (10-1). "A lot of people said I couldnt do it. I've been through so much, I deserve it. I worked so hard, and I've got the Lord to thank."

Fujii, who had 18 of her 22 career wins by submission, didn't put Frausto on the mat until there were 30 seconds left in the fight, but she never came close to a submission. Still, many likely walked away with the belief Fujii should have left victorious as she seemed to control the location of the fight and left Frausto with a badly swollen eye.

Fujii came into the tournament considered to be the top female pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but she'd never won a title. That run was expected to end at Bellator 34, but instead, she fell to 22-1 with the first loss of her career.

"I wanted to fight in her area," Fujii said. "I did a lot of striking but I did my best."


Casey Noland vs. Amy Riehle

On November 13th, at King Of The Cage: "Zero Tollerance" in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Casey Noland (1-2-0) will take on Amy Riehle (0-0-0) in a 125-pound match.
 Casey is coming off her appearance on the reality television show "Ultimate Women Challenge." In her last professional match in August she defeated Jenny Trujlillo by unanimous decision.
Amy is making her pro debut, she fights out of Arevalo Fight Academy in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Megumi Fujii: Article

There are 22 reasons most mixed martial arts observers consider Megumi Fujii the finest female fighter on the planet. Thursday night the 36-year-old Japanese darling, all 115 pounds of her, expects that number to grow by one. By first-round submission, no less.

"When I got my 21st win people started to mention that if I got my 22nd win it would be MMA's first 22-fight win streak," Fujii said Wednesday with the help of a translator. "That's when I started accepting and recognizing that I am the best female fighter in the world."

Win 22, a slick armbar submission against Lisa Ward, set Fujii up for the most important bout of her impressive, underappreciated career, which began in 2004 and has unfolded at a steady clip ever since. Opposite Fujii in the finals of Bellator's inaugural tournament for women competing at 115 pounds, California's Zoila Frausto (9-1) has an opportunity to accomplish something no other woman has done: defeat Mega Megu.

To read the entire article click here

Jessica Zomcik vs. Amanda Wilcoxen: Fight Video

Jordan McDonald vs. Leitta Suchavich

On Dec 4th for NAAFS. Two 110-pound fighters Jordan McDonald and Leitta Suchavich will battle for the NAAFS 110-pound Amateur Championship.

Jordan McDonald (4-1-0) is coming off a victory against Summer Artherton.

Leitta has pulled out of this fight.

Jessica Aguilar vs. Elise Henri

On November 18 at G-Force Fights "Bad Blood 4"

#6 Jessica Aguilar (9-4-0) will take on #22 Elsie Henri (4-2-0) in a 122-pound catch weight match.

Jessica will be fighting for the first time since her close loss to Zoila Frausto at Bellator 32. She was allowed to compete outside of Bellator but is still under contract with them and is expected to be a part of the Bellator season four 115-pound tournament.

Elise is coming off of three victories in a row and in her last fight in September of this year she defeated Brittany Howard by unanimous decision. The two losses on her record have both come verse Monica Lovato.

Zoila Frausto vs. Megumi Fujji: Weigh-in Pictures, Results & Betting Odds

Megmi "Mega Megu" Fujii weighed in at 113.5-pounds.

Zoila "Warrior Princess" Frausto weighedin at 114.5-pounds.

Megumi Fujii -550

Zoila Frausto +350

For those not familiar will betting odds you must bet $550 to make $100.
Zoila: If you bet $100 you make $350.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jordan McDonald vs. Summer Artherton: Fight Video

Tisha Rodriguez vs. Shannon Harney: Fight Video

Andria Caplan vs. Janelle Bloom: Fight Video

Amanda Buckner vs. Amanda Nunes

After nearly three years away, 135-pound standout Amanda Buckner will make her long-awaited return to mixed martial arts action against rising Brazilian star Amanda “Lioness of the Ring” Nunes for the Global Fight League in February 2011. The fight will be contested at 135 pounds.

Buckner was originally scheduled to compete this past January in the first round of the Freestyle Cage Fighting Women’s Bantamweight Grand Prix, but a serious knee injury forced her back to the sidelines. After successful surgery and recovery, Buckner will now face Nunes in February.

To read the entire article click here

Cindy Dandois: Interview

For those of you who haven't heard of Cindy Dandois as of yet you are truly missing out. 
I had the honor to do an interview with Cindy not too long ago and not only is she a up and coming Female MMA fighter from Belgium, but she is also an accomplished Judoka internationally. 
She has a great personality and was great to talk with during this interview. She is driven and continues to fight like a "Battlecat" every chance she gets. 
Cindy also has her sights set on one day fighting Gina Carano and Cyborg. So Gina or Cyborg if you are out there and you are reading this interview let me know what you think. Last but not least I just wanted to say Thank You one more time to Cindy for this great interview and for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with me. 
So without further a due let's meet Cindy.
To read the entire interview click here

Beth Revell vs. Ericka Torres: Fight Video

Monday, October 25, 2010

Megumi Fujii: Video Interview (Translated)

The Grappling Dummy: Megumi Fujii, September 2010 from martial farts on Vimeo.

Michele Gutierrez vs. Debbie Garcia

On November 26th at South Texas Fighting Championship.
#21 ranked Michele "Diablita" Gutierrez (3-1-0) will face Debbie Garcia (2-0-0) in McCallen, Texas. In a 120-pound match.

Michele is coming off a victory against Tammie Schneider who she defeated by TKO. Her only loss came in her first fight against Felice Herrig. Michele is a member of Kim Couture's Vixen Crew and trains with the Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Debbie last fought on September 3rd and defeated Timisha Jones. Before that she last fought in November 2007, defeating Deborah Woffard by TKO.

Molly Helsel vs. Reina Cordoba

On November 8th in Costa Rica, FiteNite 14 will showcase a women's 125-pound MMA fight between Molly "Maulinator" Helsel (8-9-1) and Reina Cordoba (0-0-0).

Molly is coming off a loss to Roxanne Modaferri in her last fight and although she has not fought in nine months Molly has had a couple of fights cancelled at the last minute.

Reina a Judo expert is said to be (3-0-0) but no records can be found on her.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Top 25 Women's MMA World Rankings

October 2010

FEATHERWEIGHT (135.1 - 145)

BANTAMWEIGHT (125.1 - 135)

1. Christiane Santos 10-1-0
2. Hiroko Yamanaka 10-1-1
3. Cindy Dandois 4-0-0
4. Marloes Coenen 18-4-0
5. Amanda Nunes 5-1-0
6. Shana Olsen 4-0-0
7. Ediane Heroes 5-1-0
8. Romy Ruyssen 3-1-0
9. Sheila Gaff 7-3-1
10. Milana Dudieva 4-1-0
11. Rin Nakai 8-0-0
12. Yoko Takahashi 14-11-3
13. Vanessa Porto 10-4-0
14. Mizuho Sato 6-4-0
15. Kate Aroa 3-0-0
16. Danielle West 3-1-0
17. Jessica Kinnetz 3-2-0
18. Daria Ibragimova 3-1-0
19. Elaina Maxwell 4-3-0
20. Yana Kunitskaya 2-1-0
21. Vanessa Mariscal 1-0-0
22. Jessica Halverson 2-1-0
23. Adrienne Seiber 1-0-0
24. Roxanne Adams 1-0-0
25. Josee Aupry 1-0-0

1. Marloes Coenen 18-4-0
2. Sarah Kaufman 12-1-0
3. Tara LaRosa 18-2-0
4. Takayo Hashi 12-2-0
5. Meisha Tate 11-2-0
6. Shayna Bayzler 12-6-0
7. Roxanne Modafferi 15-6-0
8. Hitomi Akano 16-8-0
9. Claudia Gadelha 6-0-0
10. Alexis Davis 8-4-0
11. Rin Nakai 8-0-0
12. Carina Damm 15-4-0
13. Sarah D'Alelio 4-0-0
14. Alexandra Sanchez 5-1-0
15. Tonya Evinger 8-4-0
16. Julie Kedzie 14-8-0
17. Adrienne Jenkins 17-5-1
18. Miki Morifugi 10-6-0
19. Shizuka Sugiyama 6-2-0
20. Liz Carmouche 4-0-0
21. Jennifer Maia 4-0-0
22. Kim Harnby 4-0-0
23. Bethany Marshall 3-0-0
24. Kate Aroa 3-0-0
25. Christina Domke 4-1-0

SUPER FLYWEIGHT (115.1 - 125)

FLYWEIGHT (105.1 - 115)

1. Tara LaRosa 18-2-0
2. Zoila Frausto 9-1-0
3. Rosi Sexton 10-2-0
4. Carina Damm 15-4-0
5. Aisling Daly 9-1-0
6. Cat Zingano 4-0-0
7. Sally Krumdiak 8-3-0
8. Hiroko Kitamura 5-1-0
9. Angela Samaro 3-1-0
10. Naoko Torashima 6-2-0
11. Monica Lovato 5-2-0
12. Jessica Miramontes 3-0-0
13. Jessica Eye 2-0-0
14. Miki Morifuji 10-6-0
15. Ayume Miura 3-0-0
16. Michelle Ould 4-3-0
17. Carla Esparza 3-1-0
18. Lacey Schuckman 5-3-0
19. Marissa Caldwell 3-2-0
20. Asako Saioka 4-3-0
21. Chelsea Colarell 4-2-0
22. Elsie Henri 4-2-0
23. Valerie Coolbaugh 6-5-0
24. Kotja Kalliokoski 2-0-0
25. Marsui Kasai 4-2-0

1. Megumi Fujii 22-0-0
2. Mei Yamaguchi 6-2-0
3. Yuka Tsuji 22-2-0
4. Lisa Ward 14-6-0
5. Zoila Frausto 9-1-0
6. Jessica Aguilar 8-3-0
7. Jessica Pene 7-1-0
8. Kyoko Takabayashi 11-4-0
9. Seo Hee Ham 5-3-0
10. Lynn Alvarez 5-2-0
11. Sakura Nomura 3-0-0
12. Saori Ishioka 10-5-0
13. Sally Krumdiak 8-3-0
14. Mika Negano 7-3-0
15. Nicdali Calanoc 7-4-0
16. Emi Fujino 8-4-0
17. Hiroko Kitamura 5-1-0
18. Elena Reid 4-1-0
19. Yuko Oya 5-1-0
20. Aisling Daly 9-1-0
21. Michele Gutierez 3-1-0
22. Kate Martinez 2-1-0
23. Paulina Ramirez 2-0-0
24. Ayuka Hamazaki 2-0-0
25. Alex Chambers 2-0-0

Strawweight (95.1 - 106)

Lightweight (145.1 - +)

1. Yasuko Tamada 12-4-3
2. Asami Kodera 5-3-0
3. Yoko Yamada 6-1-0
4. Misaki Takimoto 12-11-4
5. Naoko Omuro 11-8-3
6. Angelica Chavez 3-0-0
7. Naho Sugiyama 2-0-0
8. Diana Rael 2-0-0
9. Amy Davis 1-0-0
10. Yuka 1-0-0
11. Fujuko Hamada 5-5-0
12. Kiyuko Ishikawa 3-2-0
13. Natasha Creger 1-1-0
14. Megumi Morioka 1-1-0

15. Lisa Newton 2-3-0
16. Jennifer Berg 1-2-0

Coming Soon

Mirielle Ella Graves defeats Trisha Clark

On Friday at C3 Fights: "Jammin Jammin Weekend 6"

In a 125-pound fight Mirielle Ella Graves (1-0-0) defeated Trisha Clark (0-1-0) by Unanimous Decision

Munah Holland defeates Kim Couture

At Ring Of Combat 32 in Alantic City, New Jersey.

Munah Holland (1-0-0) defeated Kim Couture (3-4-0) by Unanimous Decision in their 135-pound professional MMA match.

Even though this was Munah's MMA debut she has over 10 pro kickboxing matches and 20 pro boxing matches.

Melissa Bopp defeates Ashley Nee

At Ring Of Combat 32

In a 135-pound fight Melissa Bopp (1-0-0) defeated Ashley Nee (0-1-0) by Unanimous Decision.

Aisling Daly vs. Molly Helsel

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 39 on November 27th.

Daly (9-1-0) opened her career with nine straight victories in and around Ireland, including a win over recent Strikeforce tournament participant Maiju Kujala. She dropped down in weight to enter the Bellator 115-pound tournament, but suffered her first loss in a bout with Lisa Ward at Bellator 26 in late August. Daly was unable to compete with Ward’s dominance on the ground, but she will likely have a striking battle on her hands when she welcomes Helsel to Ireland. All but one of Daly’s wins have come by stoppage and she is regarded as one of the top female strikers in Western Europe.

Helsel (8-9-1) sports a deceiving record that belies her true talent. The veteran of 18 fights has been competing for well over seven years and has faced many of the best female fighters in mixed martial arts. Helsel’s biggest win remains a 2005 submission of Lisa Ward and many of her defeats – including those against Julie Kedzie and Carina Damm – have come via razor-thin decisions. Helsel engaged in a war with then-HCF champ Sarah Kaufman in 2008 and took Raging Wolf champion Alexis Davis the 25-minute distance last year. She will now look to spoil Daly’s homecoming in November.

To read the entire article click here

Rosi Sexton vs. Sally Krumdiack

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 39 on November 27th.

Sexton (10-2-0) will look to rebound after suffering her second career defeat in June when she was knocked out by Bellator 115-pound women’s tournament finalist Zoila Frausto. The bout was Sexton’s first in a full calendar year and cost her a spot in the Bellator tournament. Sexton’s only other defeat came at the hands of another much larger fighter, Gina Carano in 2006, and she rallied back with five straight wins including victories over Carina Damm and Debi Purcell. Now beginning the battle back to the top of the 125-pound ranks, Sexton will face an accomplished grappler with solid striking.

Krumdiack (8-3-0) has quietly emerged as one of the top contenders in the 125-pound division. Aside from a highly controversial loss to Saori Ishioka at Jewels: “Sixth Ring” last December, in which a miscommunication and referee error led to a premature stoppage, Krumdiack has only tasted defeat once in four years. That loss came against pound-for-pound standout Tara LaRosa in March of 2009, but Krumdiack has looked very impressive in recent bouts and handed Hiroko Kitamura her first loss in one-sided fashion in June. An upset of Sexton would place Krumdiack among the elite at 125.

To read the entire article click here

Julia Budd: Video Interview 2

Julia Budd: Post-fight Video Interview

Julia Budd defeats Shana Olsen

Debuting Muay Thai-turned-MMA fighter Julia Budd put an end to Shana Olsen’s undefeated streak, dominating her more experienced opponent from start to finish. Budd used her range and takedown defense en route to a second-round TKO victory.

Budd showed her inexperience early, losing a point for landing an illegal elbow, but Olsen couldn't capitalize, never truly finding her pace. Budd landed on top during a scramble, transitioned to mount and kept the pressure on Olsen until the referee intervened at 2:51 of round two.