Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jewels 10th Ring: Detailed Results

Leading Japanese Women's promoter Jewels held their 10th event Sunday at Shinkiba 1st Ring, Tokyo with the rookie tournament style "Rough Stone GP" being the focus with semi-final bouts in three different weight classes.

Undefeated Jewels Lightweight GP participants Sakura Nomura and Ayaka Hamazaki were also on display as they picked up victories in a Shootboxing bout and one day grappling tournament respectively and Jewels poster-girl Saori Ishioka took a narrow decision over the Joachim Hansen trained Celine Haga.
After a brief feeling out period, Celine Haga started to have success with punches down the middle, leading Saori Ishioka to look for the hip-toss into half guard. Haga immediately was able to reverse the position and attempted to work some punches to the body but the bout was returned to the feet just as Ishioka was attempting an armbar from guard. Ishioka quickly returned to the mat with a inside trip but Haga was good enough to spin to land on top in half guard were the round ended.

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