Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marloes Coenen defeats Sarah Kaufman

Marloes Coenen is the new Strikeforce women's welterweight champion, after submitting the previously undefeated Sarah Kaufman on Saturday night.

Coenen put on a good show throughout, doing well in the stand-up game in the early going and then finishing the fight with one of her trademark submissions from her back. Coenen was already prepared to promote her next fight afterward, saying to Strikeforce's No. 1 contender, Miesha Tate, "Let's get it on."

The first round was fought entirely standing up, and for much of it both fighters looked tentative. Coenen landed a few more power shots than Kaufman and also tended to control when they clinched, although Coenen didn't do much damage and Kaufman didn't appear to be in any trouble at any point. The fans started booing with about a minute left in the first round, as they were doing more clinching than punching.

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