Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jessamyn Duke: Interview

Born in Whitesburg, Kentucky and raised in Blackey, Kentucky Jessamyn Duke is a 24-year-old amateur MMA fighter who now resides in Richmond, Kentucky.

Growing up Jessamyn was very athletic. She was a cross-country runner, competed in track & field and played volleyball. She was a sweet & innocent girl who never got in a fight and believe it or not, she even got bullied a little in school.
Before beginning her MMA training Jessamyn competed in Muay Thai where her amateur record is (2-2-0). She also won the WMA Welterweight Championship. When I asked her how she began training in MMA, she said it was just for fitness, but she became obsessed with the sport since she is so competitive she decided to fight competitively. Aside from Muay Thai, Jessamyn has also competed in grappling tournaments.

Jessamyn has been training MMA for five years now and trains at AFS Academy in Richmond, Kentucky where she is coached by Scott Elliott. Jessamyn is a blue belt in BJJ. At AFS there are a few girls that she trains with including Gina Begley, but mostly she trains with the men. Her training consists of Muay Thai, grappling, BJJ, Strength & conditioning. She trains six day's week and up to five ours a day. She also is a personal trainer.

Jessamyn is 5'11, and fights in the 145-pound division. Her walk around weight is160-pounds. Jessamyn has fought at 140-pounds before but admits it was a tough cut and she does not think 135-pounds is a possibility.

On October 2, in her first amateur fight, Jessamyn defeated Alexandria Stobbe by first round TKO at Absolute Action MMA presents "Battle Against Breast Cancer." Jessamyn was very impressive in this fight and even gained the attention of her idol, who was at the fight Christiane "Cyborg" Santos.

Future plans for Jessamyn may include two November fights one vs. Ronda Rousey and the other against Sara McMann, but neither fight is set in stone.

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