Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holly Holm set to make her MMA debut in 2011.

In recent days it seems that more and more boxers are looking to leave the ring and enter the cage. Holly Holm (28-1-3), who has been ranked as the number one pound for pound female boxer in the world, might be making the move to MMA as well. In a press conference on October 14, 2010 to promote her upcoming rematch at Route 66 Casino and Hotel against Marie Ann Saccurato on December 3, Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez mentioned that Holly will be making her way to MMA in 2011. “Holly’s going to enter the MMA arena next year,” Fresquez said after the conference. “We don’t have anything solid on that, but we are going to enter that, so my job is to make sure that I’m always planning for her future.” The news of her switching to MMA make people wonder if this will be a James Toney incident all over again. But rest assure, Holm is very different. Her career started with kickboxing, where she has a standing record of 6-0-2. She began training with Mike Winklejohn, Greg Jackson’s partner at the most sought out MMA gym in the world back in 2000 and has been with them ever since.

The transition for her should be fairly easy with all the world class MMA artists that come through Jackson’s. A recent interview with one of Holm’s teammates, Heather Jo Clark, gave some insight as to Holm’s decision. “Nothing at the moment is set in stone,” Clark says. “But she is keeping her options open and training in MMA.” She goes on to say that “She is getting really good. Anyone at 135 lbs better keep an eye out for her.” Holm’s decision to make her way into the MMA world could be great for women’s mixed martial arts. She has already made a name for herself in boxing and could definitely make her mark in MMA. With exceptional boxing and two of the best coaches in the world, Holm is set to go. Look for Holly Holm’s MMA debut in the near future.


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  1. Holly will make her debut in March of this year against WI's Christina Domke. Below is the link. Feel free to use publish the story.