Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jenna Fox defeats Ashley Taylor II

On Saturday February, 23 at Central Illinois  Throwdown at The East Peoria Event Center in East Peoria, Illinois.

#1 ranked 135-pound fighter Jenna Fox (9-0-0) defeated #9 ranked 135-pound fighter Ashley Taylor (5-3-1) by unanimous decision in their 135-pound amateur MMA match.

Jenna is a 5'8' twenty-one year old fighter from Monmouth, Illinois. She trains at Central Illinois Combat Club where she is coached by Bob Long.

I asked Jenna how long she had been training, what other sports has she been involved in and what got her started in MMA and this was her answer, "I've trained for about two and a half years total, with a hiatus in the middle.. I played volleyball, a little basketball, and ran distance in track. I fell in love with the sport the first day I trained and nothing fulfills me like pushing myself in the gym and the cage.  I'm taking it one fight at a time and focusing on improving myself daily."

I then asked Jenna how long was it that she stepped away from the sport she loves and why, here is her answer, "It was about a year...I was unhappy with the gym I was at and not sure where to go. It was a rough time for me, I gained a lot of weight and was just unhappy. Then I just buckled down, started making the half  hour drives to train, and have really benefited from training with Central Illinois Combat Club."

Jenna has a title fight on March 9th against Kim Woods in what will likely be her last amateur MM fight, hopefully we see this very promising young fighter in Invicta soon after she takes her record to a perfect 10-0-0.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jorina "JoJo" Baars defeats Alexandra Buch

On Saturday February 2 2013 at MMA Bundesliga at Ruhrstadt Arena, Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
 Jorina “JoJo” Baars (1-2-o) defeated Alexandra Buch (5-2-0) by submission (guillotine choke) in the first round of thei 145-pound professional MMA match.
Jorina is a 5'11 twenty-four year old fighter from Den Helde, Netherlands. She trains at Spots Art where she is coached by Jaap Blokker, John Jongepier, Dennis Hekking and Marco de Wit.
I asked Jorina how long has she trained and what got her started in MMA and this was her answer, "I started kickboxing when I was seven and started MMA three year ago."
Her kickboxing is an astounishing (32-0-3) She holds 2 World titles 4 European titles an 4 Duch titles.

Bobbie Bedard defeats Britt Wilson

On Saturday February, 2 2013 at Throwdown in C-Town 20 at The Benson Center in Clinton, Missouri.

Bobbie Bedard (1-0-0) defeated Britt Wilson (2-5-0) by submission (rear-naked choke) in the first round of their  130-pound amateur MMA match.

Bobbie is a 5'5 twenty-one year old fighter originally from Hemet, California and now living in  Clinton, Missouri. She trains at Chiles Martial Arts where she is coached by Eric Crittendon for boxing and kickboxing, Jeb Chiles for kickboxing and jujitsu, David Roberts for jujitsu, and Mike Shortino for Wrestling

I asked Bobbie how long has she been training in combat sports and what got her started, here is here answer, "I've only been training since November of 2012. I was actually in a pretty rough spot in my life living in my car with no job and Eric Crittendon found me and started training me and basically took me in and saved my life."

Erin "Fun Size" Cooney defeats Angela Theriault

On Saturday February, 2 2013 at New England Fights: "Fight Night VI" at The Andros Coggin Bank Colissee in Lewiston, Maine.

Erin "Fun Size" Cooney (1-0-0) defeated Angela Theriault (0-1-0) by TKO (due to ground and pound) in the first round of their 115-pound amateur MMA match.

Erin trains at South Shore Sportfighting (SSSF) with Team Hooligans where she is coached by Bill Mahoney and Scott Lockhart.

Andrea "KO" Kate defeats Krissy Seely

On Saturday February, 2 2013 at Fusion Fight League: "The Breakout Tour" at The Shrine Auditorium in Billings, Montana.

Andrea "KO" Kate (1-0-0) defeated Krissy Seely (0-2-0) by submission (armbar) in the first round of their 120-pound amateur MMA match.

Andrea is a 5'2 eighteen year old fighter from Billings, Montana. She trains at The Grindhouse where she is coached by Britani Morton and Will Grundhauser.

I asked Kate how long she had been training in combat sports and what got her started, here is her answer, "In July I started what will be two years ago in may with a boxing smoker put on at our high school to raise money for the wrestling team. Once I started I just couldn't stop."

Maureen "Baby Face" Riordan defeats Tabitha Paterson

On Saturday February, 2 2013 at Gladiator Fighting Association: "Organized Chaos 1" in Topeka, Kansas.

Maureen "Baby Face" Riordan (4-2-0) defeated Tabitha Patterson (1-1-0) by split decision in their 145-pound amateur MMA match.

Maureen is a 5'9 twenty-nine year old fighter from Arvada, Colorado. She trains at FusBoxe MMA where she is coached by Micheal Sullivan.

I asked Maureen how long has she been training in combat sports and what got her started, here is her answer, "I started training lightly in November of 2009 and started training more seriously in March of 2010. I sort of tripped on MMA to be honest. I was considering training for a figure competition with one of my body builder friends just to have a goal to work towards and another friend suggested I do kickboxing for my cardio. So I found FusBoxe, tried it for two weeks, fell in love completely and haven't done anything else since. I focused the first year of my training on grappling and then started striking in December of 2010. My first fight was in June of 2011."

Brittany Dugas defeats Melissa Shepard

On Saturday February, 2 2013 at B&L Promotions: "Cage of Honor 54" at Scooter's dance Club in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

#8 ranked 135-pound fighter Brittany Dugas (5-0-0) defeated #35 ranked 135-pound fighter Melissa Shepard (3-2-0) by TKO in the first round of their 135-pound amateur MMA match.

Brittany is a 5'5 twenty-six year old fighter from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She trains at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu where she is coached by P.J. Sisco and Matt Lewis

I asked Brittany how long has she trained in combat sports and what got her started, here is her answer, "I trained for MMA for three years solid. Been in martial arts since I was nine years old. Which includes Tai Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, Army Combatives, spontaneous knife defense , and pressure point control tactics and good ol fashion scrapping with boys."

Jamie Lowe defeats Sumie Sakai

On Sunday February, 3 2013 at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 19 at The Borgeta Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Jamie Lowe  (1-0-0) defeated Sumie Sakai (2-4-0) by TKO in the third round of their 115-pound professional MMA match.

Jamie is a 5'3 twenty-seven year old fighter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She trains at Daddis Fight Camps. She is coached by her husband UFC veteran Waylon Lowe, Brad Daddis and many of the other instructors.

I asked Jamie how long has she been training in combat sports and what got her started, here is her answer, "I have been training for about seven years now. But when I was younger, my dad was always in to boxing. He and my uncles grew up going to Archie Moore's gym on the south side of Chicago. Little did I know I had the fighting gene:) I discovered Muay Thai, and it was history."

Jessica "Black" Doerner defeats Milly Brown

On Friday February, 1 2013 at Dakota Nations Young Guns MMA: "Taking Care of Buisness" at Praire Knights Casino & Resort in Fort Yates, North Dakota.

Jessica "Black" Doerner (3-1-0) defeated Milly Brown (0-1-0) by TKO (strikes) in the first round of their 125-pound professional MMA match.

Jessica is a 5'4 MMA fighter and professional boxer out of Minton, North Dakota where she trains at Calavera's Martial Arts Academy. She is coached by Richard Calavera and Jordan Calavera.

Jessica is 0-1 in her professional boxing career having lost her debut by decision to Angela Hayes on April, 28th. Her amateur boxing record is 29-11.

Jessica last fought in an MMA match on November, 24th when she was defeated by Nina Ansaroff. Her last win came on August, 25th when she defeated Ashley Omsberg by TKO in the first round. Her other victory came against Mariah Johnson who she also defeated by first round TKO.

I asked Jessica how long has she been training and what got her started, this was her answer, "I got into boxing at a young age watching fights with my Dad. I started doing some kick boxing when I joined the Air Force to help me get in shape I fell in love with the sport! I moved to Minot, ND in October 2005 and started training. I started boxing first and then MMA started getting big and I got an opportunity to fight professionally so I started training for my first MMA fight at the beginning of 2011."