Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maureen "Baby Face" Riordan defeats Tabitha Paterson

On Saturday February, 2 2013 at Gladiator Fighting Association: "Organized Chaos 1" in Topeka, Kansas.

Maureen "Baby Face" Riordan (4-2-0) defeated Tabitha Patterson (1-1-0) by split decision in their 145-pound amateur MMA match.

Maureen is a 5'9 twenty-nine year old fighter from Arvada, Colorado. She trains at FusBoxe MMA where she is coached by Micheal Sullivan.

I asked Maureen how long has she been training in combat sports and what got her started, here is her answer, "I started training lightly in November of 2009 and started training more seriously in March of 2010. I sort of tripped on MMA to be honest. I was considering training for a figure competition with one of my body builder friends just to have a goal to work towards and another friend suggested I do kickboxing for my cardio. So I found FusBoxe, tried it for two weeks, fell in love completely and haven't done anything else since. I focused the first year of my training on grappling and then started striking in December of 2010. My first fight was in June of 2011."

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