Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jessica Miramontes: Interview

Jessica Miramontes is a 25-year-old professional MMA fighter who was born in Lubbock, Texas but raised in Flower Mound, Texas, where she was an outstanding athlete involved in Track & Field, Soccer and Basketball. Jessica is a full-time student at Texas Tech University. She also teaches classes at her gym.

Jessica has been involved in martial arts since she was six-years-old. Her experience has been with Karate and Kuk Soo Won: The study of Kuk Soo includes many modern day techniques such as gun defense and weapon improvisation. Kuk Soo has many facets and is performed for self-defense, healing, conditioning, competition, fun and aesthetic purposes.

Jessica is not only an MMA fighter, she also trains and competes in Sanshou: That is composed of different traditional martial arts fighting styles from China, but mainly based on scientific efficiency. Sanshou is composed of Chinese martial arts applications including most aspects of combat including striking and grappling.

As I write this article, Jessica is in Buenos Aires, Argentina representing the United States as the only women competing in the Sanshou Pan American games. Jessica believes that Sanshou is the best martial art to have as a base for transferring to MMA.

Jessica trains at United Martial Arts in Lubbock, Texas where she is coached by Ian Lee, who is also the Sanshou  head coach for team USA. Her Jiu Jitsu coach is Danny Krack. She is managed by Jimmy Boyd. Jessica trains with all men. Her training partners include Corey Johnson, D.J. Clark Gary Chandler and McKenzie.

When I asked Jessica why they call her "War all the time," she replied, "When I fight, I get meaner and faster as the fight goes along.

Jessica fights at 125-pounds and walks around at up to 160-pounds. For the Sanshou tournament she will compete at 133 pounds.

Her professional MMA record is (3-0-0) including two victories over Brandi Hainey. Her amateur Sanshou record is (1-1-0)

Outside of the cage, Jessica is a student at Texas Tech University, where she has double majors of Fight Sports Science and Psychology. She also double minors in Business and English.

As far as future plans are concerned Jessica will be fighting for the 125-pound Shark Fights title in November. She would love to fight for Strikeforce one day but before any of that happens hopefully she will be bringing home a gold meal this week from Argentina.

Jessica is always looking for sponsors, you can contact her at: