Monday, March 30, 2015

Marina Rodriguez defeats Silvania Monteiro

On Saturday March, 28 2015 at Sao Jose Super Fight 6 in Brazil.
Marina Rodriguez (1-0-0) defeated Silvania Monteiro (1-1-0) by TKO (didn't answer the bell) in the first round of their 115-pound professional MMA match.
Marina is a 5'5 27 year old fighter from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. She trains MMA and Muay Thai with professor Marcio Malko and Team Thai Brazil and BJJ with Professor Alexandre de Souza and Team AS.
 I asked Marina how long has she trained and what got her started fighting and this was her answer, "I started Muay Thai two years ago and MMA one year. I started training for health , but I started to do well and fall in love with the sport, my teacher Marcio Malko told me he had faith in me so I started training to fight."
Marina has an amateur Muay Thai record of 5-1 and her amateur MMA record is (1-0)

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