Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Julia "Raging Panda" Avila defeats Nicco Montano

On Saturday January, 7 2017  at HD MMA 7: Avila vs. Montano which took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at Remington Park Racing Casino.

Julia "Raging Panda" Avila (3-0-0) defeated Nicco Montano (3-2-0) by
Unanimous Decision in a five round 135-pound professional MMA Championship match.

 Julia is a 5'7 twenty-eight year old fighter originally from Bakersfield, California. She now trains out of Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy in Edmond, Oklahoma  and All Powers Fighting and Fitness in Haltom City, Texas. Her head coaches are Brandon Crick, Seth Norman, and Janie Meadows assisted by Justin Patterson, Victor Reyna, and Cody Shumate

Her most notable win besides this one, would be her pro debut in January of 2012 when she defeated Marion Reneau (7-3-0) by unanimous decision.

Back in 2013 I interviewed Julia, here is the question I asked her,

"Julia what got you started in MMA?'

"I have always been an athlete and after college I figured fighting would be a good avenue to invest my spare time off of work. I threw the hammer and weight for the University of Notre dame and was very active in Santa Cruz with the studio workouts (Zumba, cardio kick boxing, body pump and self defense martial arts). I even ran a marathon for my 21st birthday instead of going out and "getting hammered." I've always been an odd duck and ridiculously driven to do what I set my mind to. I wanted to fight, so I found a place to do it. After being shuffled around for a year, someone took interest and noticed my talent and determination. Travers took me under his wing and I attribute any and all skill and my current path of success by his direction. Nolan has done amazing work with the technique of my hands (as shown through my MMA record and the record of my MMA teammates). Camarillo is a great instructor and has really taught me well on my ground game, again shown through my record in gi and no gi grappling tournaments.
Honesty, I don't have to be a fighter. I don't have to be on this diet, workout for 6 hours a day, stress about making weight, cry everyday the week of fights from nerves, be unbearably sore from workouts, compromise my "crazy 20s" to hit the gym, sacrifice two relationships and have a null love life (whomp whomp)... Nope I don't have to do any of these things. I am a geosciencist with my BS in geology and have a really good paying job, plus, I am a well rounded athlete that actively participates in centuries and marathons to supplement my fighting. So, why do I do this? Because, I want to be a positive role model for people, and it's been working... God has given me this opportunity to influence people of all ages, ethnicity's, sizes, and genders and I intend to fulfill His will to the best of my ability. That's why I fight.
I am just the girl next door, I snort when I laugh and I have a crazy obsession with pandas... Just don't put me in a ring."

Julia is also now happily married.

Learn more about Julia in this HD MMA video interview here

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