Friday, October 17, 2014

Unsigned Hype: "The Bantamweights"

There are 5 major global promotions that sign women fighters to long term contracts :UFC, Invicta, Bellator, XFL International and Cage Warriors.

What I will do is list fighters who are not signed to any of the 5 major promotions and tell you a little about them. They will be listed in order of highest ranked fighter.

1. Alexandra Buch 8-3-0

Alexandra is a 34 year old 5'9 135lbs fighter originally from Hamburg, Germany and now living and fighting out of Wuppertal, Germany. She trains with Alligator Rodeo Team.

She holds notable victories over Anne Merkt, Tonja Hoffman and Shizuka Sugiyama. All of her 3 losses have come against top ranked fighters, two of those fighters being in the 145lbs division. 

2. Shizuka Sugiyama 11-4-1 

Shizuka is a 27 year old 5'5 135lbs fighter from Yokohama, Japan. She trains at Zendokai Yokhama.

She holds notable wins over Mizuho Sato, Megumi Yabushita and Celine Haga.

There was a planned drop to 125lbs for Shizuka but the fight was canceled when an opponent could not be found. Although she has an upcoming fight scheduled for November, 3 at 135lbs with the  Deep Jewels promotion, we include her here because if she is signed to a contract, Deep has been very willing to let its fighters move on to bigger things in the United States.

3. Carina "Barbie" Damm 22-11-0

Carina is a 35 year old 5'4 135lbs fighter from Vila Velha, Brazil where she trains with American Top Team and Sapo Fight Team.

Carina is a true pioneer of the sport, especially in Brazil. Her most notable wins have come against Aline Serio, Dayana Silva, Kalindra Faria, Ana Maria twice, Jessica Aguilar and Vanessa Porto.

4. Colleen "Thoroughbred"  Schneider 6-5-0

Colleen is a 32 year old 5'9 135lbs fighter from Los Angeles, California. She trains at CSW where she is coached by Josh Barnett.

She holds notable victories against Brenda Gonzales, Christina Marks and Sanja Sucevic.

5. Deise Lee Rocha 5-4-1

Deise is a 29 year old 5'5 135lbs fighter from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She trains with s few gyms including Madison Team, Siam Team MMA College, Noguchi Team and LA Sports.

She holds a notable win against Priscila de Souza.

6. Brenda "Boom Boom" Gonzales 5-2-0

Brenda is a 32 year old 5'5 135lbs fighter from Moriarty, New Mexico. She trains at Fit NHB.

Her most notable wins have come against Heather Bassett and Sarah Alpar.

7. Dayana Silva 5-2-0 

Dayana is a 135lbs fighter from Brazil that trains with Pejor.

She holds notable wins against Luciana Pereira and Aline Nery.

8. Ana "India" Maria 5-5-0

Ana is a 5'5 135lbs fighter from Bahia, Brazil.  She trains with Team Nogueira.

She holds notable wins against Maria Tavares, Aline Serio and UFC fighter Amanda Nunes, who she submitted by armbar in 2008.

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