Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jessica Philippus vs. Meghan Wright

On Saturday, April, 28 at Invicta Fighting Championships 1 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Missouri
Jessica "Wrslr Chick" Philippus (0-0-0) will take on Meghan "The Babe" Wright (1-3-0) in a 105-pound professional MMA match.

Jessica is a 5'2 28 year old fighter from Marshall, Missouri.
 She is also the #1 ranked amateur fighter at 105-pounds with a record of (6-1) her only loss coming against Barb Honchak (125-pounds) in her debut amateur MMA fight.
 Her wins have come over: Sarah Goodlaxson, Leslie Lockwood, Brooke Fink, Samantha Ress, Nadia Nixon and Kristen DeWitt. 
Four of her six wins came via submission. Jessica is also coming off of the birth of her second child.

Meghan is a 5'4 24 year old fighter from Cincinnati, Ohio.
She is currently on a two fight losing streak. On October, 1 she was defeated by Amy Davis at 105-pounds. Before that she lost to Angela Magana at 120-pounds. The other loss on her record came against Angelica Chavez in her debut professional fight.
Her lone win came against Stephanie Palmer in March of 2009.


    1. honestly you should re word all of this. makes it sound like its a really bad match up.

    2. I just report the facts. If Meghan was on a 10 fight winning streak I would have said that. In every story i write i put what the fighter has done in their last few fights.

    3. Why does it sound badly worded? Anyone who knows anything about WMMA knows that the girls Meghan has lost to are very tough girls.

    4. i respect both ladies and Meghan right up sounds horrible. "Her lone win" =isn't that a slap in the face.

    5. I love Meghan, she is a good fighter and this is a good match-up but the fact is she only has a "Lone" "only" "one" win. No matter how I word it its still one win. I even mentioned how her loss to Magana was at 120-pounds. There is no shame in losing to Chavez and Davis two of the best at 105.Thats why I included their names to show that Meghan ONLY takes tough fights.

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