Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kate "Jiu-Jiteira" Da Silva defeats Charlene Watt


On Friday May, 3 2014 at Princess of Pain: "Round Robin Tournament" at the Auckland Boxing Association, Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand.

Kate "Jiu-Jiteira" Da Silva (7-1-0) defeated Charlene Watt (1-1-0) by Unanimous Decision in their 135-pound professional MMA tournament Championship match.

She also defeated Desiree-Ann "Dangerous" Maaka (0-2-0) by submission (armbar) in the first round of their 135-pound tournament opening match.

Kate is a 31 year old 5'6 fighter from Matamata, New Zealand. She now lives and trains out of
Kawerau, New Zealand. She trains with Brothers at Arms Kawerau MMA and Gracie Gym NZTeam where he is coached by her husband Roney Da Silva.

She is a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu

I asked Kate how long ha she trained in BJJ and MMA and what got her started, here are her answers, " Ive been training MMA for about 5 years now, I started BJJ 9 years ago to lose weight, I was overweight after quitting smoking, I wasn't in the best place in my life before BJJ, I was partying and drinking a lot generally unhealthy and had no goal or direction. BJJ absolutely changed my life! I started after meeting my husband/coach Roney Da Silva he just kept nagging me to start so I did and saw dramatic results in weight loss. I gained so much confidence which changed my whole look on life."

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