Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sabrina Compton defeats Gabrielle Marsters

On Friday May, 3 2014 at Princess of Pain: "Round Robin Tournament" at the Auckland Boxing Association, Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand.

Sabrina Compton (1-0-0) defeated Gabrielle Marsters ( 0-1-0) by submission (armbar) at 0:44 seconds of the first round in their amateur MMA match.

Sabrina is a 23 year old 5'11 fighter who trains at
Oliver MMA in Glen Eden, New Zealand where she is trained by Steve Oliver, she also trains at Tukaha under Pedro.

I asked Sabrina how long has she trained in MMA and how she got tarted, these were her answers, " started training when I was 15 at a Women's unarmed combat gym I was going to an Aikido class with my dad and accidentally went to the wrong place (the unarmed combat place) and I really liked the look of it lol, girls were just going going for it in the ring. Women's Unarmed Combat is a combination of Judo, Wrestling, Aikido and unarmed combat. I stopped when I was 19. I am 23 now and just started training again in January."  

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