Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elaina Maxwell vs. Alexis Davis now a non-title match

Elaina Maxwell was unable to make the 135 lbs weight limit, so now the fight will be a non-title three round contest.

Davis, fighting out of Port Colborn, Ont., is the No. 1 women's fighter in her home country and is ranked No. 8 in the National Women's Unified Rankings. Meanwhile, Maxwell recently fell out of the rankings. And though she says she does not fight for the rankings, a win would mean a lot to get her back on the map.

"I was recently ranked and I fell out because I couldn't find a fight," Maxwell said. "I am glad she agreed to fight me. I am having a hard time finding people to fighting me. Honestly, I don't care if a win would put me back in the rankings or not. I just want to fight. I am just happy I have a fight and someone will fight me."

Davis says the high-caliber fighters she takes on only makes her better and validates her training.

"That's one of the great reasons I love Raging Wolf," Davis continued. "They are getting such high-quality fighters. There is no sense going elsewhere when they are giving me high-quality fighters. It helps me get set up to get me better fights in the future."

With the type of fighters Raging Wolf has been finding for Davis, she says there is only one advantage to going to a M-1 Strikeforce.

"I would love to make an appearance on Strikeforce to promote myself. Strikeforce is better for me to promote myself. But Raging Wolf treats everyone so good. I am happy with where I am sitting."

Maxwell has an impressive resume as she fought for Strikeforce against top names such as Miesha Tate and Gina Carano, who is better known as Crush from the hit television show American Gladiators. Though Davis' resume isn't as impressive, Maxwell isn't taking the champion easy.

"It will be good fight," Maxwell promised. "I think she will shoot and take me down. We will see how it goes. We are pretty well matched. She might have more Jiu Jitsu and I might have more of a standup. It's MMA. You never know. Any given (Saturday)."

"I know she has a good standup background," Davis said of Maxwell. I am not really that worried. She is like anyone else I have fought. She better come to fight. I hope she is hungry. I am not afraid to bang with her. She has accomplished so much and it's good to test yourself."

Should Davis win, it would set up a rematch against Evinger. Though Davis and her coach Dave Dayboll take one fight at a time, they can't help but look ahead.

"It's going to be a tough fight," Dayboll said. "I know Tonya upped her training from her last fight. She looks sharper. The rematch is going to be a war. Tonya looked really good in that first fight, but made a mistake and got caught. She is a tough opponent you need to respect. Elaina has fought the who's who of women MMA. Even though she lost, she brings experience to the table. In the heat of the moment, who makes adjustments and exposes the weaknesses will win. Not being cocky, but honest, Alexis should have the upper hand on the ground. I believe Elaina wants to keep it standing.

"I just hope everyone comes and has a good time and supports Raging Wolf and the local fighters," Dayboll concluded. "It's a great thing for the area and we are fortunate to have this."