Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ultimate Women Challenge: Update

Ultimate Women Challenge: This is the old trailer. Currently the show is in full production in an undisclosed location. Unfortunately, due to nondisclosures, contracts, and agreements that we have in place, we can only release certain elements of the show to the public. Michelle Ould is on the show just not in the "old trailer." Casey Noland is now on the show. Julie Kedzie is a fighter on the show, not a coach. Barb Honchak will replace Jessica Aquilar. Kaitlin Young will replace Melissa Steel as Melissa unfortunately broke her arm. Brighton Hutton will be replacing Alexis Davis. As far as Brandy Hainey is concerned, as with Michelle Ould, she was not in the show when the old trailer was shot. We hope this clarifies any of your questions or confusion.

From thier Facebook page

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