Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ultimate Women Challenge full line-up (maybe)

Ultimate Women Challenge: A reality show coming soon to NBC where 16 women in two weight divisions leave behind their homes and families for the chance to be crowned the Ultimate Woman.


Kristin "Barbie" Molina (1-1-1)

Lacey "The Ladie" Schuckman (5-3-0)

Michelle "Thundercat" Ould (4-3-0)

Brandi Hainey 2-3-0)

Barb "Lil Warrior" Honchak (1-1-0)

Patricia Hall (0-1-0)

Angela Magana (8-4-0)

Heather "Hurricane" Clark (0-1-0)


Angela Hayes (3-5-0)

Karina Hallinan (2-2-0)

Martha Benevides (0-0-0)

Julie "Fireball" Kedzie (14-8-0)

Casey Noland (1-2-0)

Brighton Hutton (0-1-0) 

Kaitlin Young (4-4-0)

Colleen Schneider (0-2-0)

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