Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ashley Cummins: Interview

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Ashley Cummins is a 23 year-old women's MMA amateur fighter.

Ashley has been involved in combat sports since she was five years old and began training in taekwondo. She trained taekwondo until she was eighteen years old.. I asked her if training taekwondo for thirteen years had helped her in her MMA career, she replied that it has not helped her much in MMA except for in her flexibility.

I asked "Smashly" as she is nicknamed, why she became a fighter and her answer was, " I always wanted to be a fighter since I was in high school, but my parents wouldn't let me so when I turned 19 I started training."

Standing 5'3 and fighting at 115lbs Ashley walks around at 125lbs, I asked her if she could ever make 105lbs and even though she feels she could make 105lbs, she feels 115lbs is the right weight class for her.

Ashley trains at St.Charles MMA and Vaghi Martial Arts, she has been training MMA four years and her coaches are Mike Rogers (MMA), Rodrigo Vaghi (BJJ) and Fuad Keranovic (Muay Thai). Ashley trains six days a week, twice a day up to eight hours a day. Her training regimen consist of cross-fit (cardio), MMA, wrestling, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, where she is getting ready to receive her blue belt this week.

She is undefeated in MMA at (7-0-0) and has a Muay Thai record of (4-3-1)

Ashley in her short time in MMA has accumulated three championship belts that are proudly displayed at her gym. She won the 120lbs mid-west fight league championship against Brittany Marsall for her first title.

In April she took part in the Tuff-N-Uff 115lbs championship tournament and defeated Cathy Snell in her first round match, then a month later defeated  Gabriella Lakoczky to become the first ever Tuff-N-Uff 115lbs champion.

On September 18th Ashley took part in the Hook-N-Shoot 115lbs same night tournament, where she defeated Kahlah Baker by 2nd round armbar and in the finals she defeated Jessica Laubacker by unanimous decision, for her third title as a amateur.

With such great credentials one would think that Ashley "Smashly" Cummins is ready to turn pro, but her answer when I asked when she would turn pro was. "A lot of people rush into turning pro, but I'm in no rush and I would love to defend my Tuff-N-Uff title one more time, I'd say I'm about a year away from turning pro."

Ashley would like to thank her sponsors:
Crossfit Ares
MMA Elite
Fifth Round Clothing
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