Monday, September 27, 2010

Tamikka Brents: Interview

Tamikka Brents is a 22 year-old, 5'3 150lbs amateur MMA fighter, who fights out of Springfield, Illinois.

Tamikka was born in the Philippines, on a naval base where her father was stationed, she only lived there a few years until her and her family relocated to Springfield, where she has lived ever since.

When Tamikka turned of age she decided to follow in her fathers footsteps and she joined the Navy. During her two years in the Navy she was stationed in Great Lakes, Illinois and San Diego, California.

Growing up and in high school Tamikka was very athletic she played basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball and ran track.

I asked Tamikka why she became a fighter, she replied, "My brother started training MMA first and me and him use to watch it  on T.V. and we would grapple and imitate the moves, I started to know them so well that he brought me into the gym and I started training."

Her favorite male fighters are Matt Hughes and George St Pierre and her favorite female fighter is Gina Carano.
Tamikka trains at Warrior Concepts in Springfield, Illinois where she is coached by Scott Ward and her brother pro MMA fighter Bobby Brents.

I asked Tamikka what her strongest discipline was and she said because of her brother coming from a wrestling background it has rubbed off on her ad made her a good wrestler.

At Warrior Concepts Tamikka is the only female and trains with men, she doesn't mind though saying it helps her to be prepared for whatever she might face in a fight. Her training consist of, but is not limited to cardio, pad work and 10 round sparring sessions both standing and on the ground.

Her  record is currently 5-0-1. Her most recent fight was on September 18th at NAAFS: "Eve Of Destruction" in Akron, Ohio, where she took on Tera Carper and dominated her before beating her by TKO (ground and pound)

Tamikka fought at 153lbs for her last fight but her goal is to be able to make 145lbs before she turns pro.
She is in no rush however and wants to get as much experience as she can before she turns pro.

A perfect next step for Tamikka would be the upcoming Tuff-N-Uff 145lbs tournament, hopefully Sam Wilson will consider adding this top prospect to the tournament.

Aside from MMA Tamikka is a lover of traditional dance and works at a bar as a D.J.

Tamikka would like to thank:
Legacy Fight Wear for her fightwear
Thanks to my brother Bobby for getting her into the sport.
Thanks to 5KnuckleMMA Management.
Thanks to everyone who supports me and all the organizations that allowed me to fight in their events.

You can contact Tamikka on Facebook at:
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