Thursday, September 30, 2010

Danielle West: Interview

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, now living in London, England 33 year-old MMA fighter Danielle West is getting ready to fight on October 2nd in a rematch against Maria Hougaard.

Growing up Danielle did not have the easiest of childhood's, having lived in foster care for a portion of her youth, she did not play much sports except for some soccer from ages 10-12.

I asked Danielle why she became A fighter and she mentioned her teenage years when she was into the slam dancing scene and how she got into a lot of street fights during that time.
But the first time that she ever fought came about because her ex-husband was a writer for full contact fighter and he would take her to the fights, one day at one of the fights she was at the announcer asked the women in the crowd if there was anybody willing to fight the ring girl at their next event. Danielle thought to herself, "I could beat the ring girl." So she began training and a few weeks later the ring girl beat her, but Danielle was hooked.

Danielle has been training MMA eight years now and she trains at Fuzion MMA in London, her coaches are Matt Chapman and James Evans Nicholle. She does Cardio and weight cutting at Concept Fitness. Olaf Ingermarsson is her boxing coach and she trains with Kathy Gifford in wrestling. Her training consist of boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and wrestling. She trains six days a week, while maintaining a full-time job and raising a teen age daughter.

Danielle "Batgirl" West has a pro MMA record of (2-1-0). She has had many injuries as a fighter mostly in training, including two dislocated ribs, two broken noses and she has broken her foot twice.

In her first fight with Maria Hougaard she dislocated her ribs during the fight but still managed to finish Maria off with a rear naked choke.

On Saturday at Fightergalla 16, in Denmark Danielle will give Maria a rematch. This will Danielle's first fight since she defeated Maria in April of 2009. Maria on the other hand was making her pro debut in that last fight and has fought four times sin then. The fight will be at a 150 pound catch weight, Danielle will be cutting from 175 pounds. Although Danielle knows this fight will be totally different from their first fight, she is confident that she has improved during her time off.

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