Sunday, September 5, 2010

Windy Tomomi defeats Monica Lovato (play by play)

Round one: They don't touch gloves. Windy comes right out and starts racking up the low kicks. Lovato trying to line up that big left hand, but it doesn't find a home yet. Windy still racking up them low kicks.

Windy throws a hard kick to the body which Lovato catches and uses to yank Windy to the canvas. Windy scoots back and quickly gets to her feet. She resumes with the low kicks, throwing in a few jabs for variety. Lovato is now meeting her with jabs, timing that middle kick.

Lovato catches another middle kick, but Windy pulls it free. Lovato catches another middle kick, but eats a few punches from Windy and she punches her way out. Windy is walking Lovato down with kicks.

Lovato pulls Windy into the clinch and puts her down onto the mat. She's up against the ropes though, so she cannot drop knees or punches. Chiba repostions them in the center and Lovato gets busy dropping punches.

Lovato picks Windy up twice to slam her on her back. In Windy's corner, Takafumi Ito urges Windy to stand up.

Windy locks up an armbar from bottom!

Lovato slams her way out of it however, allowing Windy to jump back to her feet as soon as the armbar is broken.

Lovato smashes Windy up against the corner, eating some punches for her trouble. Umeki breaks them at the last twentry seconds and Windy swarms, throwing punches, low kicks, and a knee to Lovato's guts just before the bell.

10 - 9 Windy Tomomi.

Round 2: Lovato charges Windy, catching middle kicks and just trying to rack up punches. Windy gets stuck in the clinch in the corner. Windy's cornerman, Ito, goes nuts, stands up in front of me, obstructing my view. I think he's telling Windy to throw knees and disengage from the clinch.

Lovato throws a punch or two from the clinch. A nice one to the guts from Lovato before Chiba breaks them up again.

Windy returns to mashing up Lovato's lead leg with low kicks. Lovato's leg is red and looking like it's hurting.

Lovato charges again into the clinch and Windy pulls her into the Thai plum, throwing knees up the middle to Lovato's body.

Lovato returns the favor, punching to the body before Umeki breaks them again.

Lovato misses a huge left hand as Windy puts a few big punches on her visiting opponent. Lovato's corner are urging her "just throw! Let's win this round! Let's land that left!"
Windy lands a solid one-two-knee to the belly, and it looks like Lovato isn't liking any of it. They're back in the clinch and Windy, from the outside is racking up more knees. She disengages in the last 30 seconds to chase Lovato down with more strikes, again landing in the clinch to finish out the round with knees to the belly.

And all three judges have it unanimously for Windy Tomomi.

Tomoki Matsumiya: 20 - 19 Windy

Yoshifumi Oyabu: 20 - 19 Windy

Last judge: 20 - 18 Windy

Tony Loiseleur: Lovato did well, I thought. It's unfortunate that the bout was only two rounds as Windy was huffing and puffing by the end of it. She didn't look like she was falling apart due to cardio, but you'd never know if there would have been a third round. Certainly though, she and Windy had a great, fun fight this evening.


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