Sunday, February 13, 2011

Candice Thomas defeats Sara Bainter

On Saturday February, 12 at Fury Fights n Watertown, South Dakota.

Candice Thomas (1-0-0) defeated Sara Bainter ( 0-1-0) in a 120-pound amateur MMA match.

The match was awarded fight of the night.

Candice trains with the Disciples of Combat fight team at the MMA Factory in Watertown, South Dakota where she is coached by Jerrin Stulkin.


  1. She kicked ass. Hope to see her in many more fights! who knows maybe someday even get the chance to fight her myself.

  2. Well thanks! I will keep doing this for a while! I won't stop until the doctors make me! And maybe someday you will meet me in the cage! Once again thank you and I am glad you all enjoyed the show!
    Truly yours,
    Candice Thomas

  3. That fight was actually pretty intense coming from both fighters!