Thursday, February 24, 2011

Erin Toughill vs. Ashley Sanchez

On April 9 at Freestyle Cage Fighting in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Erin Toughill (10-2-1) will take on Ashley "Loca" Sanchez (1-2-0) in a 160-pound professional MMA match.

Erin will be coming off of an almost two year absence from the sport, she has had various opponents pull out and an injury that sidelined her from her last scheduled match in late 2010.

Erin is considered one of the sports best fighters but has been unable to make the 145-pound weight class where future hopeful opponent Cyborg Santos awaits.

Ashley who trains out of Central Illinois Combat Club is also coming off of a long layoff, she has not fought since April of 2008 when she was defeated by Sarah Shneider


  1. That's a lie. Ashley beat on Samantha Gasciogne. As an ammy, Like almost a year ago.

  2. she fougth tamikka brents and lost in a split like last year i think. but they said it was a draw or something.

  3. How can she have fought as an ammy if she has been a professional since 2007????

  4. Shady promotions? Shady coaches??? Shady people in general. Ask Samantha G. She will show you the pics and EVERY THING.

  5. The fights were off the record! Meaning they didn't count. I'm pretty sure the matchmakers know what they are doing and look into all the details, if Erin and Ashley agree to fight eachother that is all that matters!

  6. Hopefully Erin is out of her prime and Ashley gets the WIN!