Friday, October 1, 2010

Adrienne Seiber: Interview

Adrienne is a 39 year-old MMA fighter and law enforcement officer who will be making her pro debut this Saturday at Absolute Action MMA presents: "Battle Against Breast Cancer"

Born in Chicago, Illinois Adrienne grew up very athletic, she was in gymnastics, played softball, volleyball and basketball.

She also trained in taekwondo for three years, which introduced her to sparring and helped her to become a better kicker. She did however mention that taekwondo can only take you so far in MMA.

Adrienne also has had some amateur boxing experience having gone (2-0-0).

I asked Adrienne how she got into MMA and she replied, " My husband who I have been married to for seventeen years, for our tenth anniversary took me to watch the UFC live, it was Randy Couture against Chuck Liddell, the first one that Randy won, and I fell in love with the sport and knew that was what I wanted to do.

She began training as part of her time in the police academy where she learned jiu jitsu and muay thai, now combat sports have become the norm for her family with both her husband and her daughter being involved in training.

Adrienne trains at The Academy Of Self Defense in Evergreen Park, Illinois, where she is trained by Jeff Waldrom and Matt Olevich. She describes herself as an all around fighter who is comfortable both standing and on the ground. She trains five days a week and most of her sparring partners are men.

Her amateur MMA record is (6-1-0) with her only loss coming against Marissa Caldwell.

For her upcoming fight against Heather Corder they will be fighting at 145 pounds.
I asked Adrienne what was her ultimate goal in MMA and I'll put it this way, she will be meeting her for the first time on Saturday and hopefully she will get a picture with the champ, who she feels she matches up good against. "My strength is my strength" she said.

Adrienne is looking for sponsors if interested you can contact her on facebook or at her gym website at

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