Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mercedez Campos defeats Julia Pamela Garcia: Fight Video

On Saturday June, 18 at Up and Comers 3 at Mareini Bowl in Modesto, California.

Mercedez Campos (1-0-0) defeated Julia Pamela Garcia (0-1-0) by KO in 29 seconds of the first round in their 115-pound amateur MMA match.

Mercedez trains out of Sacramento, California where she is trained by Sam Stevens-Milo.

To see the fight video click read more below.


  1. Stopped WAY to quick...

  2. I agree she got right back up and was bouncing o her feet, Cali refs are way too careful.

  3. Even if the ref didn't stop the fight, did Pamela actually stand a chance fighting my gurl? She showed very well she wasn't ready for a fight. She turned her back, spinning around.

  4. I agree Julia was losing badly but still we night have been able to see a more devastating knockout if the ref let it go longer :)

  5. Yes yes, very true indeed :) I would've loved that... My lady put my debut to shame hahah. She learned from me though so that makes me happy =]