Friday, November 19, 2010

Jessica Pene: Interview

Jessica Pene is a 27 year-old female professional MMA fighter who was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. At a young age she excelled in a variety of sports including soccer, softball and swimming. One of the first questions I asked Jessica was about her childhood and if she was a good girl or a troublemaker. she replied, " I was a difficult child a little rowdy nothing too bad, but nobody was really surprised when I became a fighter."

Jessica now resides in Laguna Hills, California where she works and attends Cal State Fullerton and  majors in communications. When Jessica is not attending classes or training she also teaches Boxing, Kickboxing and Jui Jitsu classes at L.A. Boxing.

MMA became the love of Jessica's life when one day she saw a fight on T.V. that caught her attention and not too long after that she saw a commercial on T.V. advertising L.A. Boxing so she decided to go check it out and really liked what she saw so she joined and began training. I asked Jessica what her family thought when she started fighting and she replied, "Everybody has been really, really supportive."

She has been training in MMA now for about five years, she has been a professional Fighter for three years. Jessica trains at Jokers MMA with UFC fighter Mike "Joker" Guymon, she also continues to train at L.A. Boxing with Jason Parillo who is her boxing coach. Jessica also spends time working on her wrestling with the local high school, at Dana Point High school. Many of the fighters that she trains with are men but she also does have some women that she is able to train with. Although Jessica is a very busy person with work and school she still tries to train between two to three times a day.

Jessica does not like to label herself as a ground fighter though she loves to fight on the ground she would rather be known as a well rounded fighter who is able to stand and box or take it to the ground and submit her opponent.

This Friday at Cage Inc: "Battle at The Border 7" in Hankinson, North Dakota
#7 ranked 115-pound  fighter Jessica Pene (7-1-0) will go head to head with #8 ranked 105-pound fighter Amy Davis (1-0-0) in a professional 105-pound match. This will be Jessica's first time dropping down to 105-pounds but she does not expect any problems with the weight cut since she walks around at 115-pounds.

This will be her first fight since her August decision loss to Zoila Frausto. I asked Jessica about the loss to Zoila and what she thought went wrong and although she did admit that Zoila was very strong she also attributed her loss to her nearly one year absence from fighting. 

As far as future plans go Jessica will still be competing in the 115-pound division. She is also still under contract with Bellator and looks forward to returning to the organization that has treated her so well.

Jessica Pene would like to thank her sponsors:

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Jessica can be contacted on both Facebook and Twitter

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