Friday, March 4, 2011

Sheila Bird vs. Tanya Byrne: Weigh-In Pictures & Results

On Friday February, 4 at Unified MMA 7 in Edmenton, Alberta Canada.

Sheila Bird (0-0-0) will go up against Tanya Byrne (0-0-0) in a 135-pound professional match.

Sheila weighed in at 135.4

Tanya weighed in at 135.2


  1. Thats my sister!! you go girl

  2. Obviously they test for gear...Sheila is looking a little jacked there! :) She's a great grappler...

  3. I watched sheila grow up in this sport. If you seen how hard she works out, the cardio training, all the BJJ (first Canadian female blackbelt in Canada under Roy Harris, and watched her body progression over the last 10 years, you'd know she wasn't on "gear".

    She works incredibly hard.