Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gina Carano vs. Sarah D'Alelio

On Saturday June, 18 at Strikeforce: "Overeeem vs. Verdum" in Dallas, Texas.

Gina "Conviction" Carano (7-1-0) will return to the cage against Sarah D'Alelio (4-1-0) in a 145-pound professional match.

Gina who is getting ready for this fight at Jackson/Winklejohn MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico has not fought since her loss to Christiane "Cyborg" Santos in August of 2009.

She has kept busy however filming a movie that will be released late this summer called "Haywire."

Sorry I cant share my source they asked to remain anonymous.


  1. She has kept *bust* however...

    Guess I know what you were

  2. Lol at typo 'bust'

  3. Ok gina beat julie n julie beat sarah. Cherry pickin

  4. Sarah normally fights at 135lbs, but I do not think this is as much of a mismatch as people may think. I still give the nod to Gina, though.

  5. I can't believe I wrote Bust lol that is classic!

  6. Gina now trains with Julie Kedzie, who in turn, fought Sarah two fights ago. Smart. I should have seen this matchup coming.

  7. I've never heard of this chick. Guess I'll have to use Google.

    Too bad Shana Olsen or Julia Budd have fights in May because they would've been better choices but let's be honest, Strikeforce doesn't want Gina to lose right off the bat.

  8. 2 Year Layoff = Major Ring Rust

    Not a gimmee fight imo

  9. Sarah's record is 4-1-0 pro, she has twice that in her ammy fights. Her only loss was to julie, but it was also a distance fight. Sarah is a legitimate opponent. If indeed this fight is on, Sarah will give Gina a good match. The winner here is the females either way. The two ladies scheduled to fight are under the Zuffa management!

  10. BAD choice of photo. I think you should put up a "fight pose" photo of Gina...I'm sure she would appreciate that much more.

  11. Sarah D. is a bad ass! Win or lose, she deserves the respect and attention she'll get from this match-up. And I have to agree, I would prefer a fighting picture of Gina (they're not competing in a bikini contest), and maybe a more professional pic of Sarah.

  12. No matter who's better, Sarah D still needs a more professional picture. Presentation counts.

  13. Sarah is going to kick her fucking ass. Gina is a terrible ground fighter. You would think with all of the years Gina has fought she would learn some grappling techniques. Gina will have her ass handed to her again.

  14. Gina Carrano reminds me of a guy. Like a post op tranny. You people bash Sarah looks. Gina fits the profile of a dude. Big girl, tall girl, big hands, adam's apple, flat muscular man ass, hormoned voice.

  15. LOL @ this is "cherry pickin"

    cherry picking =
    -Miesha Tate fighting a 1-4 girl after her loss & layoff from Kaufman
    -Erin Toughill fighting a blowed up, 1-2, 135er & who had 3 yrs away
    -Tate saying she'd fight Gina at 145 but cowering at the thought of Cyborg
    -Amanda Nunes wanting Gina at 145 but cowering at the thought of Cyborg

    Do people even understand the concept of comeback fights?
    Look at James Kirkland recently!
    Shane Carwin is coming back against a fighter inactive for 5 years!

    Do people forget the VERY recent news of the intended opponent - the 5-1 Cindy Dandois, who has a technical unanimous decision win over Marloes

  16. all i can say is marloes is obviously sick in the fight against dandois and most people think she won the fight. everytime dandois got marloes down marloes reversed her and almopst subbed with 2-3 triangles , a couple rnchokes , had her mounted and was pounding her danddois out for over half the 2nd rd . and marloes took no damage standing and definately outstruck dandois and did way more damage . watch the fight before you comment . marloes is a 135 pd fighter anyway she only walks around 145 , i bet dansdois was at least 15 pds heavier than marloes in thios fight. if you had watched any of marloes's fights you would see she is obviously really pale and sick. if that fight was overhere it would of been a decision win for marloes . that second rd was close to a 10-8 rd for marloes.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. ^ yeah, thats why I said "technical" decision win.

  19. Anonymous = chicken shit You scared to put your name on your comments? What a pussy

    Janet Trussell
    Former National Judo Champion and
    World Sambo Wrestling Champion
    Who wishes she was still young enough to stomp some anonymous ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Stop making excuses for Marloes Coenens performance against Cindy, she lost to a fighter making her pro debut. It was Marloes who requested the fight be at that weight, not Cindy. Btw Marloes had never in her entire career fought at 135lbs until she got an immediate title shot against Kaufman last year. She fought in open weight fights in Japan as high as 160lbs.

  21. the proof is where their careers are right now . it only goes to show what kind of heart coenen had to fight at 160 when she doesn't even weigh close to 160. she only weighs 150 max. and its not an excuse watch the fight its on you tube marloes had dandois way more beatup standing and on the ground watch the fight . its obvious if you look at marloes , you can see she is pale and obviously sick , but she has too much heart to refuse a fight at the last min. i never said anything negative about dandois , but the reality is marloes really should of been given the decision . rd 2 was as close to a 10-8 rd as you can get , the ref stopping her when she almost has dandois choked out , ridiculous. i don't care if you like marloes or not but to say she lost this fight is ridiculous , and this time i put my name and e- mail account , it was just easier to put janet are obviously a biased person as dandois comes from a judo background ,. as for the facts marloes has asked and asked for a rematch and dandois wanted nothing to do with it. then dandois had the misfortune to see how decisions can be bogus like her m-1 performance. i stand by what i say if that fight marloes - dandois was contested over here under our unified mma rules marloes would of won rd 1 10-9 , rd 2 10-8 . and cindy would of won rd 3 10-9 . so add it up it should of been coenen 29 -27 . even if you give the 2rd only 10-9 its stil was marloes doing all the damage and almost causing dandois to tap . thats the reality , WATCH IT ITS EASY TO FIND ITS ON YOU TUBE, ALL 3RDS . I'M NOT MAKING IT UP RD 2 IF THE REF HADN'T OF INTERFERED DANDOIS WAS A SEC FROM TAPPING . then we wouldn't even be having this discussion of a fight that got stood up everytime marloes got dandois in a potential sub mainly in rd 1 this happened ,in rd 2 almost at the end of rd 2 while marloes had a rear naked choke on dandois then marloes finished the rd pounding away on dandois from the mount . you can't argue with something that is available on you tube for everyone to see.and my name is robby edwards my e-mail is i posted as anon because that was the only way i could post it wasn't because i was scared to back my opinion, the fight is on you tube you can not dispute the fact that it was not a win by dandois even if she was awarded the decision, obviously who ever judged the fight didn't understand effective grappling or striking , throws don't mean anything if your opponent reverses them and gets you in triangles chokes and arm bars and takes your back numerous tiomes , these shouls score more than a couple hiptosse

  22. Marloes spent her entire career fighting at 145lbs until she was given a gift title shot in a weightclass she had never fought in. If she didn't belong at 145lbs why did she stay there for a decade. She openly admitted that she never thought about fighting at 135lbs until after she lost to Cyborg. Btw even after she lost to Cyborg she was trying to find fights at 145lbs and not 135lbs. If she felt all along she should be at 135lbs why did she continue to look for fights at 145lbs?
    So please spare us the poor undersized Marloes lie and know what you are talking about before you post.

  23. because unlike fighters over here in canada and the us , marloes was like the japenese fighters who think it s healthier to fight at your walking around weight. she is right it is healthier , but now that wmma is ibncreasing in popularity , . more and more women are fighting and learning from watching what the top men do . which is they all weigh at least 25-30+pds over the weight they fight at. for examples gsp 4hrs after he weighed 170 at the kos chek fight was already weighing 187and 1/2 pds in only 4 hrs after . he walks around in the low 190s . anderson silva fights 185 walks around 210 . chris cyborg fights at 145 walks around 170
    + . even when marloes cutts water weight to fight at 135 , she is still smaller than her onlt 2 opponents so far sarah kaufman who easily walks around 155 -160 . then we have carmouche her nick name is gir rilla why? because she is built like one she is bigger and stronger than the guys who fight at is a testiment to marloes skills that she has been able to compete at the highesr levels in a weight class that she ias too small to be in. the sport is so advanced and the talent is so good that the facts of life are , if the fighters skills are pretty equal the bigger stronger fighter will win the majority of the time. why do you think gsp doesn't wanyt to go up to 185 and fight anderson even though gsp walks around between 193-198 pds but won't fight at 185. so yopu do the math and quit insulting me , i know all about marloes career and know that she also wants a rematch against cyborg , and that 's only because marloes has heart , but really she should stay at 135 because even in that div the girls are heavier and bigger . that also ias facts.and i notice you don't dispute any of my facts about the fight now that i put my name on here and put my reasons and said its hard to argue when the fights are on you tube for everyone to see. like i said marloes fought the majority of her fights in japan where the fighters fight at their walking around weight . but in america thwe fighters know how to cut weight and fight 20-30 pds below their walking around weight. im glad once marloes experience fighting someone who weighed 170 compared to her 148 that it was time to fight girls closer to her own size . i guess that why she is a champ and you aren't and i am not either. ps the girl she took the title from (sarah kaufman ) is bigger and heavier than marloes. so you should recognize how unusal it was that marloes managed to get the record she has fighting in a weight div above her ideal div. her skills and heart are so good that she probably could achieve success in both div. but sadly when she runs into a fighter with a 20 pd weight advantage who is also skilled , most of the time the bigger fighter will win. its just psysics . by robby edwards

  24. I didn't argue the point about her fight with Dandois because it was a close fight the decision could have gone either way. My point about about Coenen's weight-class is that she spent a decade fighting in the 145lb division of her own free will as a result neither she nor her fans have the right to complain about being smaller than your opponents in a weight-class you chose of your own free will if you lose. Do you plan on whining about Marloes being too small for 135 if she loses to Miesha Tate and claim Meisha's victory doesn't really count because she is bigger than Marloes despite the fact she is fighting in that weightclass of her own free will. Btw the only reason Marloes dropped to 135 is because she knew she couldn't beat Cyborg and was offered an undeserved title shot at 135lbs after losing 2 of her last 3 fights ahead of Meisha who had just won the 135lb tournament. But hey if she loses that fight she can always drop to125 and get an immediate and undeserved title shot in yet another weight-class she had never fought in lol!!

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