Friday, April 8, 2011

Ultimate Women Challenge: Their Side Of The Story

It has recently come to my attention that The Ultimate Women Challenge will be airing some time this year on TUFF T.V.

TUFF TV is the first digital broadcast television network to offer first run original programming targeted at men. TUFF TV features content that men are passionate about: Sports, Lifestyle, Drama, Reality, Talk, Specials, & Movies.

Tuff T.V is available to over 45 million homes.

Now before I give you UWC side of the story let me say that in no way am I calling anybody a liar and that I totally agree that these 16 women deserve to be paid, hopefully now that there is a television contract this will happen.

The following is a e-mail that I received from one of the producers of the show in response to an article that was written about the production of the show. These are not my words, so fighters please do not take this as a attack against you.

"As a producer, guest MMA coach, and personal assistant to the owner of the Ultimate Women Challenge female mma reality show, I feel compelled to expose the truth about the show.  LHP Entertainment made sure that all of the women, staff, and crew were well fed.  There was so much food in the house that a lot of it went to waste.  Food included Salmon, fresh fruit, chicken breast, cases of bottled water, fresh vegetables, etc.  Often the food was catered, during their nights out food was provided.
 Lyle Howry the CEO of LHP Entertainment, personally went out of his way to ensure that the female fighters on the show had top of the line supplements, as he obtained them through sponsors to the show.  The issue pertaining to the training gear is humorous, because LHP Entertainment bought top of the line training gear from Throwdown direct and the ladies were extremely happy to be receiving this type of training gear, as many stated that they could not afford such nice gear.  He also had sponsors to the show donate the ladies shirts and clothing (Skinfly, The Gun Store, and more).  The ladies were also pampered with spa & salon treatments from a professional medical spa.  As far as their training regiment, as a pro mma fighter I feel that they were treated & trained as hard if not harder than the men.  There were no breaks, or special treatments, and the ladies were extremely strong and incredible.  The show brought some of the best trainers in the business & provided the Las Vegas Throwdown Gym for their training. 
Someone from the production crew stole tapes, sabotaged some of the sound, and created chaos within the production.  These actions caused the production to miss the airing dates, which is why the show has not aired yet.  LHP Entertainment has been diligently working on getting this show edited and has promised to do everything in their power to get this show aired.  So, despite the negative publicity, rumors, and accusations I just found out today that a large network (45 million + viewers) is highly interested in airing The Ultimate Women Challenge production.  I am no expert, but the episodes that I have personally viewed are sure to make the Ultimate Women Challenge a huge success & put women's mma on the map!


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