Saturday, April 9, 2011

Heather Martin: Audio Interview

Join me and Rammy as we talk to Heather Martin about her fight against Amanda Lucas.


  1. If Amanda keeps losing weight, she will be another big powerful if she goes down to 145! wooww!

  2. I want to say I feel bad for Heather Martin. She weighed in at 173.6 which the commission had said was at fight weight. I was informed Amanda had agreed to take the bout, and as she told the commission she "thought she was going to take it." They informed her they needed a definite answer and Lucas's husband (drunk) had started yelling and cursing everyone, that even the people in the restaurant could hear him yelling. It was said by team mates that her husband had even gone as far as to say,"you are already 1-1". Everyone is talking about Martin not coming in on weight, but if Lucas had wanted the fight, would she not have taken it once Martin reached the 173 clearance by the athletic commission?
    Let's not forget about Lucas who has also had issue's making weight. In a previous bout, she herself, had came in ten lbs over the weight, and her opponent still chose to face off with her. Lucas made several comments about Martin NOT being in fight shape, but from the weigh in pics that were sent to me, it looks as though Martin was in the better fight shape. There can be a million he said she said, and my info comes from secondary sources, but I feel that Lucas didn't want this fight. Martin's standup reputation does not do her justice, and I feel Amanda MIGHT have been a little intimidated by the experience level Martin held over her. Who's to say who would have won, because we will never know, BUT my money was and still would be on Martin.

  3. I should also add that Martin had spoke to the promoter in regards to trying to move the weight class up due to issue's with the cut. The promoter was only able to give her two extra lbs stating that she would move it to 167.
    Martin made effort to have it changed to a weight she would be able to reach, and was denied. She also had balls showing up KNOWING that she wasn't going to make the weight, and that she would be bashed all over the web.