Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sheila Bird defeats Kim Couture: Fight Video

On Friday July, 8 at Ax Combat 1: "Execution" at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Sheila Bird (2-0-0) defeated Kim "Sugar Free" Couture (3-5-0) by submission (scissor choke) in the first round of their 135-pound professional MMA match.

In her last match on February, 4 Sheila defeated Tanya Byrne by TKO.
Sheila who is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a BJJ black belt is the 2008-2009 FILA grappling World Champion.

To see the fight video click read more below.


  1. WHO THE FUCK IS THE REF? HE IS STANDING THERE IN THE DAMN RING AND CANT SEE WHAT IS THE OBVIOUS! He needs to be removed from the ring...REALLY! WTF! Thats how fighters get hurt!

  2. i agree. wtf is with the ref. he waited way too long to stop that fight. its because of refs like that who give the game a bad name. Her legs obviously went limp and 10 seconds later the ref stops the fight. The announcers also made no reference to her legs going limp. Pisses me off just to watch. Dumb asses!

  3. Maybe they just enjoy watching women suffer.

  4. Plus -, your logo is way too large and placed towards, but not at, the bottom of the screen. A lot of ground action appears at the bottom of the screen and your logo is blocking it. Not cool.