Sunday, May 15, 2011

Felice Herrig defeats Nicdali Calanoc: Fight Video

On Friday May, 13 at Xtreme Fighting Organization 39 at Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Felice "Lil Bulldog" Herrig (5-3-0) defeated Nicdali " Night Queen" Calanoc (7-5-0) by unanimous decision in thier 115-pound professional MMA match.

Felice wanted to use her stand-up and the times that she did get the chance she landed good punches and kicks. Nicdali's game plan seemed to be to pin Felice against the cage and take her down, however she was unable to get Felice down to the ground and Felice was able to take Nicdali down in every round.

Felice has now won two matches in a row since her loss to Barb Honchak at 125-pounds on January, 14th.
115-pounds seems like the perfect weight for Felice.

Felice trains with Team Curran in Chicago, Illinois and she is managed by Suckerpunch Entertainment.

To see the fight video click read more below.


  1. how embarassing for nicdali. the entire thing, she called felice out, then her walkout was embarassing, shes wearing makeup, and looked like she didnt train a day. she looked like miesha

  2. Wow are you serious so what if she called Felice out, that is what fighters do. If your afraid to fight the best then why even be in this sport. I give her credit for going after Felice. Also what was wrong with her walkout?
    As far as make-up felice was wearing liquid compact and I have nothing against that alot of women wear make-up in their fights.

    What women wouldn't want to look like Miesha she is probably one of the prettiest women in the sport!

  3. she didn't physically look like miesha, she looked sloppy like her on her feet. everyone is making fun of nicdali, not just the wmma, the ug, everyone lol. what a joke

  4. felice TOOK DOWN the girl bragging about training w 'TAKEDOWN" lol. oh, the irony