Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nicole Igalo defeats Makenna

On Saturday April, 30 at Fight Night XIX: "Ressurection" in Vancouver, Washington.

Nicole Igalo (1-0-0) defeated Makenna (0-1-0) by TKO in the third round of their open weight amateur MMA match.

 Nicole who came in the open weight fight at 135 was outweighed by 25-pounds.

She lives in Milwaukie, Oregon and trains out of 503 WCJJ under Jason Pittman and Chris Standing.


  1. wisconsin? Thats Milwaukie Oregon and it was a wain by TKO in the third round. She beat that girl down for almost 9 minutes until the ref called it.

  2. Nicole fought again 1 week later (5/7) in Long View Washington and won her second fight by RNC in the first round. against Allis Dean. Allis is now 0-3

  3. Thanks I fixed it I will also have anew article up this week about her second win.