Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Katie Merrill defeats Samantha Wright

On Saturday April, 23 at Cage Fighting Xtreme: "Beantown Brawl" in Boston, Massachusetts.

Katie Merill (3-1-0) defeated Samantha Wright (0-1-0) by submission (rear-naked choke) in the third round of their125-pound amateur MMA match.

Katie who holds a victory over Kaline Medieros will be making her professional debut on June 17th when she goes up against Tisha Rodriguez who will also be making her professional debut.

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  1. I searched all four of the fighters mentioned in the article above, and none of them had a Twitter account. I cannot overstate the importance that Twitter and the other "social media" will have in promoting and supporting Women's MMA.

    Since I have gotten involved in the MMA threads on Twitter, I have seen fight cards filled, fights promoted, sponsorships gained and a whole bunch of Women's MMA fans raising their voice to Dana White, Strikeforce and Bellator to ask that the womens' fights be televised.

    The fighters who do have a presence on Twitter gain lots of new fans and help their managers and fight promotions get the word out about their upcoming fights. Sometimes, it seems that Twitter is the only exposure that some of these fighters and fight cards get!

    No one has a bigger stake in the success of Women's MMA than the fighters themselves, and so it is imperative that they join all their fans and fellow fighters on Twitter and help to give the sport the exposure it deserves.

    The members of the MMA media, those that are out doing the interviews and covering the fights, should constantly remind the fighters that they contact that they should be a part of the effort to promote their sport, and that they should get a Twitter account (and share it during interviews) ASAP!