Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jordan Gaza defeats Christina Lozano: Fight Video

On Saturday May, 28 at Legacy Amateur Series at The House of Blues in Dallas, Texas.

Jordan Gaza (2-1-0) defeated Christina Lozano (0-1-0) by unanimous decision in their 120-pound amateur MMA match.

Jordan who trains at Weapons at Hand is coming off of the first loss of her career when she was defeated by Kristy Kester at 125-pounds. 115-pounds should be a much better weight class for Jordan.

To see the fight video click read more below.


  1. "115-pounds should be a much better weight class for Jordan."

    Actually the fight was at 115 and Jordan was 4.5 lbs over, weighing in at 119.5.

  2. i think whoever keeps saying" that is a submission" should maybe just go get a ref lisence or something. WE GET THE POINT. damn.

  3. This was NOT the worst ref ever, I have seen WAY worse. If you people would give him TIME to call the damn shit instead of SCREAMING at him from your seats.... He's a ref for a reason, if you want to do better, go sign up.

  4. this fight wasnt the only fight that night with bad reffing ..
    An otherwise good night of fights was marred by poor officiating. Be it early stoppages, unusual stand-ups (one at a time when Jordan Gaza had side control) or odd restarts after what appeared to be an early stoppage. It should be noted that the state is responsible for the officiating and not the promotion. Some fans seemed to want to point the finger at Legacy for the poor officiating, when in fact it is the states responsibility. It is also at the states discretion what referees will work an event.
    Gaza was able to take the fight to the ground with multiple throws and take-downs throughout the fight. About midway through the 1st round Gaza was working from side-control and the referee stood up both fighters for inactivity which seemed like a very poor decision due to the dominant position.

  5. Damn jealous hattterrrs lol
    Congratulations Jordan!