Monday, December 6, 2010

Jessica Philippus vs. Sarah Goodlaxson

On Saturday January, 22 at Extreme Challenge in Quincy, Illinois

Jessica Philippus (4-1-0) will battle against Sarah "The Piranha"Goodlaxson (2-2-0) in a 105-pound amateur Championship match.

Before this fight Jessica will be challenging for another amateur championship December, 18th when she faces Leslie lockwood at Griffins Den Presents: "Seasons Beatings 2"

Jessica Philippus fights out of Marshall, Missouri and trains in Sedalia, Missouri with Jose Vega, she also trains in Kansas City, Missouri at Grindhouse with Deryck Ripley, she also is cornered and coached by her husband Robb Philippus.

Sarah Goodlaxson who trains out of Warren, Michigan with Dom O'Grady's team h8 Squadhas has not fought in over nine months since a TKO loss to Gabriella Lacoczky in March of this year.


  1. In that 9 months shes ducked and backed out of several fights. Then complains that no one will fight her or how hard it is to find fights.

  2. Yes so in 9 months she was sick, got a new job, and rolled her ankle. and she didn't duck or back out. I pulled her.

  3. How could you have "pulled" her if you weren't her coach at the time? According to her, Sam Wilson was her 'manager' then and made that call... you dont have to make excuses. Just be real.

  4. Response from Sarah Goodlaxson:
    Dom was one of my coaches at that time, I was also training at Miletich... in transition of moving from Illinois to Michigan. Both Dom and Sam Wilson did tell me not to fight after I hurt my ankle and Sam acted as my manager as she has many times as I do not have a "formal" manager... funny for someone who thinks they know so much about me, that all the facts aren't quite in order... As for the "several" fights... there was only September when I tore ligaments in my ankle and then... oh yeah, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy lmao

    Speaking of the fight where I was told to pull because of injury... how come that opponent now will not fight me because her coaches now "don't want that match up because they're looking out for her best interests"?
    "Fightfan/Anonymous", maybe you're the one that should "be real".

  5. I saw a poster of you and some girl from Oregon. What happeded to that fight? It was for a 105lb belt.

  6. Response from Sarah Goodlaxson:
    I honestly have NO idea... I've never heard of such a fight!? haha If we're talking about a fight against Liz McCarthy (she's the only girl from Oregon that's my weight I can think of) we are still trying to find a good date/location for that (as far as I know!) and I'm excited to fight her! She's fighting Shawnee Merrell for a belt here soon though, or at least that's what I was told! haha Hopefully our fight will come together after this fight though.
    The only fights I was pulled from this year were due to injury and sickness. I was pulled from the September 11th card in Michigan vs. Jen Anianio due to tearing ligaments in my ankle- and I've tried to re-schedule that fight at least 4 times but Jen/her coaches say that they don't want the match up anymore- not sure why.
    I pulled myself from April Penrod's 105lb Tournament on October 30th because I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy two weeks(?) before.

  7. Holy Crap! All this drama is sorta amusing! I bet Mario doesnt mind all the hits on his page though! LOL

  8. Haha! Right Jess!!!