Friday, December 17, 2010

Liz McCarthy vs. Shawnee Merrell

On Saturday January, 8 at Budo Fights "Resilience" in Bend, Oregon.

Liz McCarthy (2-0-0) will battle Shawnee Merell (2-3-0) for The Budo Fights 105-pound amateur Championship.

Liz McCarthy  lives in Portland, Oregon and trains at Rise Above MMA in Milwaukee, Oregon where she is coached by Ron Andersen.

She is sponsored by Tussle Fight Gear

Shawnee lives in Green River Wyoming and trains in Rock Springs Wyoming where she is coached by Teno Trujillo, Ty Hamblin, and Mike Nauman. 

She is sponsored by S&W welding. 


  1. Liz is 3-0 now isn't she?

  2. Hmmm, I wonder how Shawnee got an ammy title shot when she fought Alyx Hess(Luck)as a PRO July 16th 2010 in WY???? WTF! So is this Liz's professional debut? That is strange considering Alyx is sopposed to be great friends with the Rise above gym girls. Maybe they should choose their friends better...Oh and Avila is going to taste her first loss off this card to Maylee!!!
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT.........

  3. Shawnee fought Alyx in an unsanctioned exhibition match. Otherwise the OSAC wouldnt have allowed the fight to happen. As far as the "great friends with Alyx" that is just ridiculous - there is no friendship there. Oh and by the way, congratulations on your dominating win over Maylee Glena Avila!
    --find better things to do with your time hater--