Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Non Stops Weekend Picks

I hate to do it, but I love to do it, betting is just too much fun, so sorry fighters if I pick against you it's not that I don't believe in you, it's just that I believe in her a little more and I am the expert so here are my picks and if I am wrong and choose against you feel free to let me know it  :)

Cindy Dandois vs. Yana Kunitskaya

Cindy Dandois: She is ranked #3 at 145 for A reason!

Carla Esparza vs. Nina Ansaroff

Carla Esparza: Two words; Megumi Fujii

Carina Damm vs. Cat Zingano

Carina Damm: One word; Experience

Sarah Maloy vs. Sharline Smith

Sarah Maloy: I just don't know anything about Sharline. Sarah is a trainer, that means she is good.


  1. I think Carina did a less than stellar performance at the SF tournament. She looked sluggish and timing was off. Cat recently returned from Thailand and her stand up was already tight.....I say Cat will TKO the Brazilian Barbie.

    Sarah has ALOT of tenacity...this will put her on the map for the 125ers up n coming,,,

    Cindy can handle her own..she also has defeated the current SF belt holder...

    Carla and Nina will be a WAR!!!!!

  2. But you must admit the level of competition that Carina faced in the SF tourney, Akano and M. Tate is the very best.