Friday, December 10, 2010

Yana Kunitskaya defeats Cindy Dandois


On Saturday December, 10 Druzhba Multipurpose Arena in Moscow.

#22 ranked 145-pound fighter Yana Kunitskaya (3-1-0) defeated #3 ranked 145-pound fighter Cindy Dandois by KO in the first round for the M-1 Womens 145-pound Championship. 

It was a quick KO 34 seconds into the match. Cindy did not look comfortable on her feet at all and tried to come inside for the take down but Yana just kept landing shot after shot until finally dropping her with a beautiful right hand, as Yana moved in for the finish the referee stepped in and put a stop to the fight before any further damage could be done.

My opinion is that Cindy even though she was hit hard and seemed to be knocked out after the punch, actually hit the ground and woke back up as evidence by her attempting to defend from the bottom.

This is the first time many of us have seen Yana fight and she looked very impressive with her striking especially for someone who's base is Russian Sambo.

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