Monday, December 6, 2010

Tara LaRosa rescued from a snow storm!

Tara LaRosa, one of the sport's leading women fighters survived a scare this weekend in the frigid Pennsylvania mountains. From her Twitter:

"Somerset County ER. Hypothermia, dehydration. Park ranger got to me before any permanent damage set in. No visable signs of frostbite...I went on a 70 mile solo hike. Today's length of the trail was 14 miles. Forecast said flurries, low of 21F. I got stuck in 7in low of 10F...My fancy-assed Spot GPS didn't work the whole time. Again, I had no cell reception. Soaked, freezing I typed mom a text and laid down...She called 911. They triangulated my position from my cell signal...I cannot thank the people of Somerset County PA enough. If it weren't for your services I might not be here today. Thank you so much!"

I especially want to thank park rangers Mike Mumau & Randy who found me last night in -0 temps in a snow storm and pulled me off the ridge.

I know someone had my back! His name is Adrian Elizalde... And I'm pretty sure he was with me the whole time. ;-)

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