Sunday, December 12, 2010

Michele Tyler: Interview

On Saturday 4th December, UCMMA hosted its first female fight featuring  Michelle Tyler  (London Shootfighters) against  Vicky Watts (Modern Day Martial Arts). Michelle made an impressive and unnervingly relaxed entrance in "Iron Fist" heeled boots and a dashing black trilby before embarking on an all out war.

Vickie was known to be a strong wrestler and while she was courageous in relentlessly pushing forward for the take-down, Michelle unconventionally bobbed and weaved around the cage amateur-boxing-style, dominating Vickie with short, tight combinations.  Michelle slammed Vickie down in the first round and again in the second moving into a tirade of ground n pound until the bell. The final round saw Michelle lick Vickie with a blow that saw her stumble before falling down to have the fight stopped by the referee. The fight can be viewed at

CQ:  How do you feel on winning your debut MMA fight?

Amazing.  Everything from the beginning went well and according to plan, from the weigh in, to training before the fight and warming up. Everything went smoothly. It’s an amazing feeling to win that fight.

To read the entire Interview click here

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