Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jessica Laubacker vs. Kalilah Bakar II

On Saturday December, 18 at "Seasons Beatings 4" in Poplar Buff, Missouri

Jessica Laubacker (7-4-0) will go head to head with Kalilah "The Killa" Bakar (4-5-0) in a 125-pound amateur MMA match.

This fight is a rematch of a fight between these two fighters that took place in October of 2008. The result of that match over two years ago was Jessica winning by first round armbar.

Jessica Laubacker trains with Hostile MMA in Memphis Tennessee. In Jessica's last fight which took place in September of this year she lost to Ashley Cummins in the finals of the Hook-N-Shoot 115-pound amateur championship Tournament.

Kali who fights out of St.Louis, Missouri is also coming off of a loss earlier this month she was defeated by Holly Powell. Before that match she defeated Brittany Johnson by TKO (Doctor stoppage)


  1. Jessie Fights out of Memphis TN. Her most recent fight was NOT last may, it was a couple months ago for the HOOK N SHOOT 115 belt. she won her first fight of the tournament then lost a tough desision to the tuff n uff and hook n shoot 115 champion ashley cummins.

    this is a pretty sad example of lack of research.

  2. kali also fought in the hook n shoot tournament, loosing in the first round to ashley cummins.

  3. !! Okay, first off, my record is not 3-5, it is 4-4 !!
    !! Secondly, I lost to Ashley Cummings, in the second round, at hook-n-shoot, not the first !!
    !! And, I won my fight against, Brittany Johnson, with a 58 sec. Doctor stoppage, due to broken nose so, yeah, I think everybody, could afford to do some research !!
    !?! Dont You Think !?!


  4. The Hook n Shoot tourny was :
    Kali Vs Ashley and Jessie Vs Lylna Thao

    Ashley won via armbar and Jessie won a decision.

    then Ashley Beat Jessie by decision.

    when i said losing in the first round i meant round of the tournament, not round of the fight ;)

  5. Kali, MMA.TV, says you have lost to Jessica, Brittaney Marshall, Barb Honchack and Amber Powell, you have also lost to Ashley that's 5 losses, which are you saying doesn't count?

  6. The research I did do was going to the fighter database and they have Jessica listed as fighting out of New York, they also have her record as 6-3, not including the loss to Ashley, so I will correct the record. By the way there is not much research out there to do, I don't see anyone else writing about amateur fights ;)

  7. Amen to that. Its not your fault that the sources are wrong. Everyone should just be thankful for the exposure because you are right, they are amateurs.+