Thursday, January 24, 2013

Becky Lewis defeats Kassy Sandaker

On Saturday January, 19 at United MMA: "A-Town Throwdown 6" at Soccer first Indoor Sports in Arlington, Washington.

#16 ranked 155-pound plus fighter Becky Lewis (2-1-0) defeated Kassy Sandaker (0-1-0) by TKO (due to strikes) in the first round of their open weight amateur MMA match.

Becky came in at 172-pounds while her opponent weighed 183-pounds.

Becky is a 5'6 thirty-one year old fighter from Snohomish, Washington. She trains at Charlies Combat Club where she is coached by Charlie Pearson.

I asked Becky how long has she been training for and what made her start training in MMA, here is her answer, "I've been training for about three years. I started doing MMA to help supplement my law enforcement training. I got into a pretty bad fight with a guy who had a warrant a few years ago and decided I needed to be better prepared. It also has helped me stay in shape and is a great stress reliever."

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