Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lauren Styler defeats Latrisha Bridenback

On Saturday January, 26 at Sparta Combat League: "Future Stars" at The Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado.

Lauren Styler (1-1-0) defeated  Latrisha Bridenback (0-1-0) by  unanimous decision in their 130-pound amateur MMA match.

Lauren is a 5'9 twenty-eight year old fighter from Denver, Colorado. She trains at Grudge Training Center where she is coached by Luke Caudillo and Vinnie Lopez.

I asked Lauren when she started training and what made her start training in MMA, here is her answer, "I started training about three and a half years ago. I joined an LA Boxing and did their cardiovascular bag classes to just get in shape and eventually got bored hitting just a heavy bag, so I started working with a trainer (Luke) hitting mitts and then he encouraged me to do a boxing fight night they were having at the gym. I had never even sparred before and only had 2 weeks to train for it, but decided to give it a shot. I ended up dislocating my shoulder in the second round when I hit my opponent with a hook and the fight was stopped, but it was enough to get me hooked. My next fight was a Muay Thai bout, then I progressed to MMA. I never had the intention to actually fight, but I just grew into it and am so happy that I walked into that gym because it has completely changed my life. I found a passion and I drive that I never knew I had."