Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jenny "Phoenix" Silverio defeats Dayry Crispo

On Monday January, 22 2013 at Fight Time Promotions: "Revolutions 5" at Revolution Live in Fort. Lauderdale, Florida.

Jenny 'Phoenix" Silverio (2-1-0) defeated Dayry Crispo (0-1-0) by submission (north south choke) in the second round of their 115-pound amateur MMA match.

(Jenny weighed in at 110-pounds while Dayray weighed in at 113-pounds.)

Jenny is a 4'9 twenty-six year old fighter from Miami, Florida. She trains at Twin Dragons Martial Arts with Master Steven Tarrago.

I asked Jenny what does she do besides train, how long has she been training and what got her stated in MMA and these were her answers, "I have a master's in psycholpgy and doing a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. I have been training in combat art of Kuntao Silat for 2 1/2 years. I started in MMA because it's as close to actual combat as it can get without breaking laws. Not that if a person gets assaulted they should be focusing on breaking the law lol. Anyway back in the day in China you knew your Kung Fu was real because you would test it in fights with other master's Or students in the street. And there that was ok. Now if you do that here it's a street fight. So basically
I'm making sure that I can 'perform under pressure."

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